Warm and healing movie

The Lion of March: There is no end of hesitation, the opposite of the storm, only more violent storms.

May not have much to do with anime, is about the perception of comics. I also watched the animation; think the new house can take the lion so good, very incredible. But given the current pace of anime, I’d like to say something about manga.And revisited the “Lion in March” cartoon, see the 97 words, high school Tung Shan zero back to Yutan home to visit the adoptive mother, yes, mainly to visit the adoptive mother, not the adoptive father. If you are going to visit your adoptive father, who occasionally keeps in touch with Zero, you will call him and find out that he is not at home. Adoptive mother in the heart of zero must be very important, is a gentle and considerate, has been silently endure the typical Japanese woman, she did not like incense son as fierce as again and again to exclude the existence of zero, also did not like step Jun with indifference to express disgust, just always, always with helpless smile to treat zero. That’s enough. It was really good not to be the last straw for Zero, and as a woman I knew her difficulties very well.

Sitting in the living room of the Yukawa family in the setting sun before dusk, my adoptive mother could not help but sigh that the once dependent, silent and gloomy child had become such a gentle adult, zero grown up. Once again faced with such a zero, the adoptive mother remembered a lot about the past zero, remember that this child has always been such a very hard, very kind good child.

Zero never confides, never attaches, constantly reflects moves forward alone, and is emotionally truly independent. He is different from the readers’ comments of “rich, able to cook, diligent, able to help around the house, gentle, caring, single-minded, young fame, promising future”. It should be said that the real charm of zero should be that he is always sober, always moving forward, always knowing how the reality is, very hard working, very strong, always knowing what to do. Even if you don’t know for a while, you will keep exploring until you find a way out. Such a zero, although two begonia, Shimada and Kawamoto family to give him a great influence, but no matter in what kind of environment, Zero such a person can explore all the way, get salvation. This is the ability to save oneself. Is it the one who talks all the time and I look up to?

Most of our pain comes from a growing pile of disappointment in us, which in turn comes from a recurring cycle of in effort and laziness. We get stuck in this cycle.

We despise ourselves, but we arrogantly believe that we are different, and therefore we talk about our pain everywhere, like the Xianglin wife, naive and pitiful.

It is clear that he is very, very immature, whether it is unable to control their emotions, or the treatment of obstacles when the delusional avoidance attitude, all in the exposure of their wayward and shallow.

Tong Shan said, I really do not go up.

Well, I should say, I’m really low class.

Like a pathetic worm crawling sorrowfully in the dust. Mr. Shimada has also said it is not that I am self-deprecating, but that is how I feel. When we tell others, we are expecting them to give us a dose of comfort so that we can continue to delude ourselves into dreaming. I really don’t understand human beings, clearly they are very clear that the actual is such a thing, don’t go to study hard, why do you want any deceptive comfort?

I despise myself with all my heart.

However, we must have the strength to shoulder our own life, the heavy life, if we do not rely on others to weave dreams for us, but walk on our own. So every step of the way, be careful, never let up, although self-indulgence feels good, self-indulgence is a lot of people, but to hell with it, other people have to relax yourself, don’t compare to those who suck.

“After all, reality can’t be so tender.”

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