Warm and healing movie

She and her cat: Each cat has its own territory, and although there are small and large, there is only one cat in each territory.

The film is very short, only four words, but people are filled with emotions. That last word was so depressing, but it turned into a cure at the last minute.She is a girl who left home and struggled, before renting a house with a good friend, but then a good friend left, leaving her alone, and her cat.She and her cat did not get along so well at first, and she was often jealous of him, but she grew fond of him, and took him with her when she left home without any money.

But she was not doing well, her work was not doing well, her life was in a mess, she was not in constant contact with her family, and she had nothing but it.

The story is very short, the things told are very trivial, there are no ups and downs of the plot, just very ordinary, she and its daily.

He had been with her for so long, almost his whole life that the last thing he could do, as if it were really his last wish, was to ease relations with her family.

When I saw it leave, I really could not help tears, because I have had cats, but have not seen them old, just to see them sent away, I cannot feel that kind of interdependent mood, but can also imagine the comfort of mutual warmth.

“I can only accompany you so long, the rest, you have to go well, I believe in you, you will believe in yourself, right?”


Then, she grew her hair long, got a new job, and lived every day to the fullest, only, without it…

Under the bridge, in the old box, familiar eyes, as if reincarnation general, into her line of sight.


“Will you come home with me?”

“I am her cat”

I love this line and it’s not well written and it’s hard for me to articulate that feeling.

It’s just the feeling of owning and belonging that moves me to know that I belong to her to her tenderness her sadness her good morning every morning and the breakfast she makes for me.

So I want to write down a little feeling here for the first time.

Sinai Makoto’s original case is always so gentle and delicate obviously those ordinary words cannot be ordinary but always can penetrate into the heart.

And it’s really beautiful, really beautiful.

Obviously there is no forced into the tears of the animation but let me see the nose sour.

The cat could not understand what she had said when she first saw her that black cats were unlucky. She could not understand that she carried her out of the house to throw her away.

He could not understand her words and occasionally her emotions.

It’s just that I know there will be moments when we understand each other like an afternoon when we’re hungry together.

“I live in my time and she lives in hers, so the moment when our time intersects is more precious to me than anything else.”

It’s not just cats, it’s us.

The moment together but occasionally each has a heart.

Even if I talk, I just understand but do not understand.

In the end we are all lonely.

So those moments of connection are precious to us.

It’s a healing talk and it makes me feel so lonely.

The cat watched her go out from day till noon to night.

They were only together for a few hours a day and the cat waited dusk after dusk to curl his gentle body around her tired.

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