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The story of the Black War; Like demons, it is difficult to define good and bad, and good and bad are not absolute in the eyes of different people.

See a little screening, not disappointed at all, very conscientious, continued the drama’s warm daily, dense jokes, there is no lack of wonderful fight scenes. Even if you are not a fan of the drama, it will not affect the viewing experience. The characters and stories are both continuation and independent.I have been following Lou Xiao Heir War for a long time, but the update is too slow to watch, and the director also said that he would not push the release (even brick walls, moss, newspapers). It is insane. After eight years, only 28 episodes have been updated, and what happened to the promise of one episode every two months?! It’s completely become a year of life series. So, this movie is like watching a super long egg. The director finally found a conscience, engaged in Mid-Autumn Festival activities, grateful guests.

I have always liked Lou Xiaohei’s painting style, which is fresh and natural, healing and warm, and has a kind of poetic simplicity of Chinese style. No matter in the green forest or the crowded city, it looks very comfortable. That clear green, it’s relaxing to look at, as if it could breathe freely.

Humans have no right to deprive goblins of space

The director constructs a strange world in which humans and goblins coexist in a fantastical story. Some know goblins exist, some don’t. While some goblins hide their identities and live in the city, some goblins disdain to pretend and live in the spirit of the demon hall.

When it comes to the Demon Guild Hall, it is my favorite setting, very cool!

The hall was founded by three gods, including Lao Jun, and distributed in the major human cities. It is dedicated to providing services for goblins. In addition to the function of the inn since ancient times, it also provides survival funds for free in the human world. But goblins must abide by the rules of the house: first, they must not kill their own kind, second, they must not reveal themselves in front of humans, and third, they can gain more power if they are willing to accept the call of the house. There’s also a teleportation function in the demon House, kind of like teleportation.

However, the coexistence of human and goblin ecology, because of human destruction of the natural environment, so that some goblin lost their homes,For example, the Dragon Tour of the Wind’s Breath used to be a place full of spiritual power, which was very suitable for goblins to live, but gradually became unsuitable for goblins to live.

Under this new change, the setting of the film is that the balance of the coexistence of lady boys is broken, and a new order needs to be created out of the chaos. And small black request is very simple; just want to find a home, no longer stray.

Said the film version of “Lou Xiaofei War” beautiful, not wearing fan filter fallacy praise, but it really has a unique set of values, not a one-Sid-fits-all black and white opposition, but everyone adhere to the position and pursuit of different things.

Just like the newly updated drama, the curator and Black talk about cannibal Neap, they can only get energy through the specific food of human flesh, do not eat or die, there is no more choice. Should they be denied the right to live because they are cannibals?

So the guild tried to provide them with information about the condemned and the worst offenders, and even if the hunt was successful, the hunters had to be brought to the guild for strict vetting.

The curator took a neutral attitude towards them, saying, “To be honest, they [cannibals] are victims themselves, let alone humans, and many goblins don’t like them, but they don’t have a choice.”

Similarly, comparing to the opposition between humans and goblins, goblins did not choose to be goblins themselves, and humans should not deprive them of the space to live.

Lou Xiaofei still Lou Xiaofei

Lou Xiaofei in the drama is a black cat who is cold outside and hot inside with strong martial arts. It has a good sense of human nature, does not eat cat food, can use the toilet, and transmits ideas with consciousness. Its tail can be divided into multiple unidentified creatures “black swish”. In the movie version, it has a lot of humanized states, a little more cute and naive. It is like an innocent child, gradually searching for and growing up, from the first wandering alone, looking for a place everywhere, to encounter wind and breath to understand the world, distinguish good from bad, and then follow the infinite feeling of love. Something changed in Black’s heart, which is why later; he would tell White that Master was the best person in the world.

This section is really the favorite, a cat a raft, between the sky and the sea, the stars are brilliant.

I think this kind of Lou Xiaofei is whole, alive, it is gifted, but it needs guidance and cultivation, and it needs a father figure to teach it. The Strongest Enforcer Infinite is such a being, seemingly cold and heartless, is actually a cub protector.

The painting style of Lou Xiaofei Battle is different from the summer hit Ne Zhan. Lou Xiaofei is warm, reserved, childlike and healing. He thinks about the relationship between people and nature, and has a personal choice to fight for faith. Like a drizzle, moistening things silently.

While Nezha is strong, subverting and bursting, an independent struggle against a given destiny, parents’ infinite love for their children, letting go of the past and being reborn under fire. It was a thunderclap that shook all sides.

But they’re all good things, and they’re what we need. I have been touched by the drama Xiao Bai, Xiao black, this time also like infinite and Xiao black master and apprentice file.

In my opinion, this is a very conscientious Chinese film, maintaining the level of the drama, but also once again expanding the boundaries of imagination. The intense action scenes are admirable, and the paintings, at 12 frames per second, flow like the wind. Infinity is worthy of being the strongest human, with who play all win, see his hand not too cool, but did not expect to have fetters with a cat demon.

Whether it is the self-sacrifice of the idealist or the rules guarded by the executor, the values conveyed in Lou Xiaofei War are not young at all, but very profound.

Back to reality, I think everyone’s existence has value. At the beginning of our existence, we didn’t choose to. People have no way to choose their country of birth, gender, nationality, can only be chosen on the basis of efforts to live. We guard love and peace, and hope for the same.

Lou Xiaofei, please continue to fight against deprivation, against injustice, but also protect love, protect family, protect faith.

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