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April is your lie

The violinist, who had finished playing, ran to those waiting for her, through the crowds, flowers in her hands. It’s like a close-up in a movieFive years ago, I would have loved this work even more. I would have loved it so much that I could not help but book a DVD even if there was no Blu-ray player. Young preference sorrow taste, old love silly white sweet, I am no longer a student looking at the life of a group of junior high school students will still wet eyes, as for how much of this is sympathy for myself, how much is a sense of the works, I am not very clear.

At the end of 2013, when the news of animation was silent, I came into contact with the original comic book, which made me unique in both the storyboard and the atmosphere. Moreover, it was my favorite theme of classical music. After the symphonic lover’s dream, works of this theme are formulaic and compared with each other, which is naturally the case in this work. It’s the same meeting of two musical geniuses, the same classical music, the same Mozart. But the symphonic lover dream is a textbook general girl manga; the story of the last Noda sister defeated the entire big devil, in the night light to get the ring of the thousand autumn prince, prince and princess from now on (?) Happy life together, April is not. The ending Tonkawa wrote is not a girl manga at all; from the title is a lie in the guise of girl manga.

The animation production is excellent, the main characters playing scenes are portrayed with conscience, adhering to the excellent sense of rhythm of the original cartoon, the color is spring, and many lovely storyboard of the original is also perfectly restored. Apart from the classical music selection, the presence of the original OST also exploded. BGM is bound to be remembered for its impressive performance in works by Beethoven, Mozart, Saint-Saens, Chopin and Bach. OP1 presented by GOOSE HOUSE is also excellent, which is my favorite song in the works of the same period. The lyrics fit the original perfectly.

So back to the story,I had already shed the uniform to look at this group of teenagers so hard work cannot help but some envy. In order to work hard for music, in order to love, this kind of day is too far away from them. Both Kosei and Kaoru may have adolescent twee in their ways, but they’re just right. We have the whole of our lives to be dull and mature adults, and what a blessing it is to fool around at an age when we can. Years have passed and you may have forgotten what song you chose for a match, but you’ll never forget why you turned the lid back on.

Gong Sheng is a doomed protagonist, born of tragedy, forced to mature by the loss of loved ones. If a man’s life is a constant battle, his short life of more than ten years is a constant farewell to the person he loves, which always comes quietly before he has time to open his mouth to reveal his heart. He has not been able to understand the mother song expression of love, he has not been able to understand the small Kaoru deliberately fabricated lies before, very hurry, they disappear in public life. Alone days are always too long, happy time is always so short; this is probably the doomed life of genius. Lonely, longing for warmth, warmth but never sentimentally attached to him.

Was Kaoru’s choice selfish? Writing this paragraph, I haven’t even had the heart to watch the end of the comic, but I think about her in the aftertaste of the revealed plot, as if I were recalling a friend. Her outgoing and optimistic Typhoon was better suited to Paganini and Liszt. In the days before recording studios and the recording industry, the best performers were improvisational and improvisational geniuses, the only way to get a full Bravo. Kaoru’s choice is very much in line with Kurt Cobia’s “It’s better to burn out than fade away”. It’s better to bloom as hard as possible as to die without knowing the so-called death. Even if you force a smile, you have to try your best to win the chance of a flash in the pan. And she did. Many years later, fans of Ma Gong sheng’s music may still recall Gong Sheng, who was not suitable for accompaniment, and the violinist, who was unique and somewhat mischievous, presenting Saint Sang.

I still think it’s an excellent piece of work. What could be more moving than two geniuses saving each other’s lives? The meaning of tragedy is to let people remember, deep feeling if a tragedy, will die to read.

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