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Detective Conan: The bride for Halloween; Boring and retarded

The look and feel is very poor, and the high reputation inside and outside does not know where it comes from, boring and retarded, this retarded is not the kind of retarded Key Due, is completely the Conan plot of pleasant Yang logical kind of retarded.All said that the theater version is Key Circle Spring Festival Gala, so no live is a cliché, but the creator is actually thought of a solution. For example, like pure black this directly from the type of change, completely into action, secret agent film, and every day said theater version has no reasoning, then simply give up; the cyanotic reasoning, for example, is extremely weak and turns into a thief film and a martial arts film. Two outrageous characters appear, and the audience does not expect them to reason. For example, like zero things, although the reasoning is the main line, but the core in the two male dramas, highlighting the personal charm of Anshan through into the first priority, hard words like a total Shang Wen.

The worst is nothing, all kinds of messy shooting, also shot particularly boring, reasoning is the main line, but just serious two, immediately to join Ago Using love triangle, immediately to join the academy group brotherhood, immediately to continue to consume Ann room. And it can be clearly seen that the main case is absolutely the creator first listed the above three wealth code after filling in the scraps. Needless to say, any step forward is basically a child’s logic can see the holes.

And the team has a bad attitude toward the deep-rooted grooves of the series, and the grooves that more and more cerebral palsy creators are working on. Leading role halo, quantum science although pull, but before at least take “fire” and the big scene of this shell of shame, now is pure play. Conan water pipe running, in fact, there is a similar operation in the sniper hand of different dimensions, but why the effect of that film is OK, with fireworks and football is quite burning; this is very like a cat and mouse visual sense.

This must also say that the budget is really low, all kinds of 50 cents zero render background, no scene to speak of, and the last scene blue red water is what kind of b creative. Make what ghost fire, finally melt a jack-o ‘-lantern, also thought particularly handsome, here need to question the psychological age of the main creator.

And I’m sure the rice circle fans won’t like the fact that they can’t even make Bourbon look good or Kozo look sweet with their feet. And the pace is terrible, with a bunch of people pretending to be serious about a very retarded case and two waves of bad guys. It’s like a sitcom. Matsuda died to be silly cast when the tool people, in a form of no logic to be played again, this kind of consumption of the dead operation is quite Marvel, including fire some Yin and Yang cp, old things to mention some love triangle, are very Marvel. More Marvel is to put the police academy this branch into your Key universe, in this awkward brush sense of existence, even than the fbi in the sniper, Akai family in the bullet brush way more awkward, but also boring, and for the audience who have not seen the police academy, it is estimated that they completely feel less than a few people’s brotherhood.

It’s hard to imagine whether the director is autistic or not, and why any emotional drama he makes is so dry and implausible. The only thing that feels interesting is the love brain groom, which is a black humor to some extent, but it doesn’t realize the bullet wounds and the identity of the wife which is also ridiculous, so it also quickly out of the drama.

Speaking of the “bride” in the title of the film, have been raised to this level, as the opposite, even basic people set is vague, the existence of this villain and the myth of the apocalypse is a nature, there is no reason, anyway, it is here, you see what to do. I ended up with a female Kidd, and with this crazy set, it should be sent back to Ark ham.

The only advantage of this film is that it finally integrates Hagiwara, who is absent for one fifth, into the plot through a completely visual and action scene presentation. Moreover, the flashback is also combined with the inevitable memories of Shin-land youth in every film, which is the only effective emotional paragraph of this film.

Finally, next year will be a fake play fake main line, and move back to Shirley this big terrier, Aoyama has always understood the wealth code, will always find fans in Conan forum needs.

A few years ago, the more obvious nature of traffic like Chunnel and Tang Hong were scolded (speaking of here, the Russian sister in this film looks really like red leaves), but now I think fans dare not question those, at least, holding peace, holding Chi ‘an, Chi and Ann’s respective monologues, and even the plate of cold rice Kidd did not live, are very effective in the market and public opinion. Are visible, this creator feels he has pinched the explosive password, basically only they can see.

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