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When the cicadas cry:Pear, I will break the fate of your attitude!

I finally caught up with this TV animation that I missed. Originally thought that this is just a cute and abnormal Loli do the selling point of the ordinary animation, until the first article read only to find that this animation indeed let people like the reason.The whole animation has a special structure. The story begins in June of one year, when Keiichi Mathura transfers school to leave the closed mountain village of Hanazawa, ending with the death of Pear flower, again and again.

After checking the information, the original book is adapted from the game. In the original game, different activities of characters can lead to different endings, which is also the reason why the animation has such a special structure. In each cycle, the main characters will have different fates, but some contents will not change, and these unchanged contents are the key to breaking the cycle of tragic fate. From the 26 episodes I watched up to now, the whole plot setting is still relatively rigorous, no big mistakes, the only thing to blame, is the so-called “supernatural” reincarnation setting.

One of the things that make the story of Chill difficult is that it invokes three kinds of forces: murder, the supernatural, and fantasy. Because all three exist in the world set by the animation, it is difficult for the viewer to guess where the boundary of the three lies, which increases the difficulty for readers who like detective reasoning. If I hadn’t read the reveal ahead of time, I wouldn’t know. It would make a lot more sense if you knew it was a cycle of time from the beginning. Secondly, this animation hides clues by concealing important plots, which I don’t like. It feels like the director is cheating. Relying on the lack of important plots (it is completely missing, and no hint is left), it is unfair to obstruct the viewers’ reasoning in this way. But the animation was meant to be scary and probably wasn’t meant to be a mystery anyway, so it didn’t seem to care. In the rendering of terror atmosphere, the animation is undoubtedly successful, which is the main reason why I like this animation.

Japanese horror films are better than American ones in that they pay more attention to the depiction of characters’ psychological states and less physical stimulation. Although there are many animations such as blood and murder, because the style and reality deliberately separated, so the separate picture is not particularly scary, scary is the psychological state of people on the verge of madness.

Among the several chapters, the plots of Mian Liu and bright eyes are the most beautiful and rational. The ghost story of Keechi’s main character depicts the psychological state of the main character the most realistic, and what I dislike the most is the last story — “The Story of Crime Elimination”. In order to explain the theme of “trust is the key to escape from fate”, there are too many big truths, which leads to the weak psychological depiction of Rena. The atmosphere is not spread at all, can be said to be the failure of the whole animation. The only thing that looks good is probably the machete from Rena. It’s pretty cool. The finale was rushed and felt like it was purely a way to pave the way for Season 2.

The timeline is handled well, as a mystery is OK, but there is a lot of useless and redundant plot. This time almost all the roles are neuropathy, the protagonists are playing silly selling cute play naive cool show, while abdominal black high cold deep show IQ. The reasons for personality change are crude and illogical. The core of all the incidents is “the presence of the Imperial Shrine,” but it is not enough to debate the spirit and faith.

A large number of animation elements are used in a haphazard manner, making each part of the audience not deeply rooted. Occasionally, the soundtrack and scenes are supplemented with negative psychological shocks, and the ending returns to healing. To do so is obviously to trick the viewer into feeling the darkness and warmth that he has created. There are a lot of details that are grossly inconsistent with the real situation. But for the middle and middle audiences, it is a very clever animation.

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