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Detective Conan: A sniper from another dimension: A hero is always a hero

Personally, I think this theatrical version of the plot is comparable to the countdown to heaven Hunter’s main line. But because of Conan and the so-called detective Shilling meddle body and finally completely absurd strange Malan show karate blunt insertion, I stand to subtract two stars, originally was a perfect revenge blockbuster, the genius of the sniper hero, with life to repay the comrades in arms, sinister backstabber but successful villains, these images can be said to be extremely in place, As the case develops step by step, the truth is revealed little by little, to find the real cause of Hunter’s death and the climax of the biggest villain going to Kyoto, the plot can be said to be hanging people’s heart and lung, the audience is looking forward to the final revenge of the burning of anger to the extreme, of course, I have to say that I think the biggest villain in prison for life is the most able to let him do the evil result. But that’s no excuse for Conan to keep meddling.

From the very beginning, when the FBI officer stated that he had obtained information, I doubted whether the so-called person who was going to be shot was the real villain. And when the FBI officer went to investigate Hunter’s former teacher and former comrades, the result was clear that Hunt was carrying a great injustice, which caused his wife, family and family to be torn apart. And I think people who betray their faith, even stab them in the back, and shoot their comrades on the battlefield are damned! More abhors are those who hurt him, but now prosperous and prosperous life, Hunter has been skinny, daily because of the comrades shot in the head of the shrapnel tortured to eat countless painkillers, poverty, lonely pain, live without a human. And Conan, he seems to know everything, but he doesn’t know these things. Every cause has its effect, and he has to be a part of someone else’s just revenge, and he feels right all the time. I don’t have any guilt for interfering with others’ return and return, but I feel good about myself and feel that I am the most right and the most righteous. When I watched this drama, I was very strange from the beginning to the end. What does this matter have to do with Conan?

I was even more stunned by the last part. Why, of all days, did the Young detectives go up to the Suzuki Tower, is a strange coincidence.

Isn’t it so that our heroes Conan and Marian can show just how good they are at saving the world every time?

Conan the ball, can forever, no matter how far from the sky across a beautiful arc, then to want to be kicked to the person’s face, Conan slide speed faster than a car, then Conan also won’t be skateboard give delicacy down..

And d Marian will always be able to walk through a hail of bullets and knock out the men who are bigger than her and break pieces of glass in such a big way that they break tempered glass. You’re awesome. You want a round of applause?

This is crazy. Under machine gun fire, nobody dies? Because Hunt’s buddy, he didn’t want anyone to die, he just wanted to get out and fulfill his promise to Hunt, because he knew he couldn’t get out no matter what and he just wanted a little more time to do it.

As a result, Hunter’s comrades are kind to everyone, but Xiao LAN is not kind to others at all. I want to slap him. As a result, garden told LAN that she was fine and called it Bummed, but Bummed was not hurt at all. She shot a lot at the FBI agent, but actually did not hurt him. Xiao LAN threw Hunter’s comrade as hard as he could, foaming at the mouth and knocking his teeth out.

Therefore, no matter how perfect the main line is, but in order to infinitely enlarge the bright blind people of our protagonist Conan and Mariana’s B halo, the ending abruptly inserted Xiao LAN blushing, Conan Echo two people show love classic joke, so that this play appears very bloody dog.

But in the end, rip Hunter, heroes are always heroes. Even in hell, you are a devil. Those who hurt you, in hell, will burn forever.

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