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“I don’t have much hope in the world, and I don’t find life interesting.”Random step works intermittently seen a few, also was one of the strange hunting techniques deeply shocked. Critics say the show, though a tribute to the ramblings, only scratches the surface. And I think, although the reasoning element of this story is greatly weakened, its tragic core is expressed in an exaggerated way.

We can see the shadow of wandering in many places, such as the human chair, of course in the novel is living in the chair, enjoying the kind of twisted pleasure of secretly holding the mistress. Bodies embedded in plaster statues and concrete, mutilated and skinned, were common. Later, the plot turns to the decryption of the 20 faces of the weirdo created by the computer program, which is also where I find the more ridiculous.

What is this show about, discarding the shell? It can be confusing. What people struggle with is the discussion of criminally insane in the plot. I’ve read a lot of opinions, and this movie really exaggerates this part, exacerbating the drama conflict. For example, the perpetrators are either perverts or fat nerds, and the victims are basically nice innocent girls or little boys. This completely fails to cover all phenomena in society, leaving aside whether mental illness is really a get-out-of-jail-free card, and such extreme plot design is obviously unreasonable.

But I was still touched when I watched it.

I think this show is more about whether there is absolute justice. Agatha’s “And Then There Were None” also discusses this proposition. The judge who punishes those who are guilty but not punished by the law is also called “twenty faces”. The evils of society never stop, bullying, domestic violence, fraud, and abandonment and so on, I have experienced myself. None of these vulnerable people waited for justice to arrive, but it never did.

We look at the bad news of society every day, and perhaps we have been angry. But after that, life is numb. There are always officials, psychiatrists, and education doctors on TV, as if they represent three groups of people in society — ordinary people, abnormal people, and children. Ask yourself if you are always influenced by outside opinions. Right or wrong, as long as these things have not been experienced, you can’t really empathize, to empathize.

The interesting part of the play is that the group figures are changed into silhouettes, puppets or skeletons. Only when they are connected with the main characters will they show their real faces, which usually means that the main characters don’t care about people or things around them. This image also represents the numb crowd in the society, who treat their own life is full of scars, how can you care about others? They are puppets, essentially.

In this sense, the Twenty Faces of Oddity is indeed the embodiment of justice in people’s minds, even though it is actually Laplace’s demon. Revenge is the kind of play everyone loves, but does it change anything? Can we make the world a better place? No.

If everyone lives in hatred, then everything becomes empty, you will live forever in hell, there is no escape.

Order can limit human nature; everyone has a flood in the heart of the beast. Just like everyone can rely on the odd man’s 20 faces to do what he thinks is right, but is justice conclusive? Must there be a perfect victim in every case? I think it’s more complicated than that.

Good and evil are not absolute dualism; absolute justice will awaken new evil.

Put down the butcher’s knife, cannot become a Buddha, but can put down the obsession. We are never trapped by causality, but obsession. “I can understand you, but I will never forgive you.”

I’d give this one a 7. It’s not that bad, but it’s just too big a story to make you feel good, and it doesn’t lead to deeper thinking.

I didn’t think it was a good movie, but I did write a long review of it, and it was the movie that touched me the most recently.

“I didn’t have much hope in the world, and I didn’t think it was much fun to live, but now I find it a little more interesting.”

I hope we all have a better life.

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