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The blood of the Saints:The candle that is about to die is brighter and the rose that is about to die is more fragrant.

The blood of the Saints:The candle that is about to die is brighter and the rose that is about to die is more fragrant.When it comes to Christmas, it will think of the Bible, and when it comes to the Bible, it will think of the “Blood of the Devil” read some time ago.Added with trinity blood, Trinity Blood, Triple resonance of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit A vaguely confused world view, a world of humans and vampires, a papal hall of conflicting interests,There is also an even more profound group of species — the Cross Bearers — that feed on vampire blood.

The lovely Father Abel, who always looked nervous and with no strings, walked hunched and stumbled, and took 13 teaspoons of sugar in his tea, a big, sticky mess. But pretend there is no worry behind must have unknown sadness, his real identity is the cross bearer. After sucking blood to transform, silver long hair to the sky, angry eyes flowing blood of crime, the pale moonlight spread black wings and the hands of the trembling red weapons, the whole person full of danger and noble temperament, thrilling. (The legendary moment of change from attack!

All kinds of people surround Abel — robot man, steel virgin, heroic lion, professor, star of hope… (There are so many nicknames!) Of course, the villain’s handsome brother ~ such as the puppeteer, oh ~ a seeming attack, boom!

It is worth mentioning the brother of the smiling boss, Cain – Abel, even in the biblical story. It’s only at the end, but… But this is the real attack!! Well… Real behind-the-scenes operator ah!! Even his puppeteer brother bowed before him. After watching Abel’s manic transformation, he flew madly toward him, but he still had a placid smiling face, as calm as looking at a doll. Then, with that soft and cold voice, he froze all the derivations of hope. The pure day flaps its wings and the world is on the verge of collapse.

The animation design is very good, although not as gorgeous as the illustration set to death, but the CG effect is very spectacular, huge explosions, strange ships, brilliant combat ~

“The Blood of the Demons” novel is not finished, because the author Neosho Yoshida has passed away, here in silence. Will the rest of the story have to be imagined?

From the conclusion and the setting of the story, the dominant worldview consciousness is a tributary of early Christianity, Manichaeism. Saint Augustine once believed in it, but due to the rough catechism, he soon switched to Neo-Platonism. As for the differences, disputes and even fights between Christian and Catholic catechism, no numbers were left out. Finally established what is now known as the Orthodox doctrinal system.

Something about an eight-ball,You can float by. The hero’s identity, though scientific, is still framed by a perpetual struggle with his brother (the evil of the world he represents). This setting is the basic belief of Manichaeism: the struggle between a good God and an evil God.

The so-called Trinity is probably not in line with today’s doctrinal system, but because it is a variant of Manichaean consciousness, I am afraid it is the unity of brother and sister, rather than the father, Son and Holy Spirit, and the existing Christian concept has nothing to do with this play.

By the way, those who believe that the protagonist has an “affair” with the god, including the myth of the God of the Dead, can be ignored. The relationship between the heroine and the hero in this drama should not be defined by the love between men and women. Chinese people don’t have religious feelings, but they always vulgarize what they don’t understand, which is very confusing.

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