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The dragon maid of the Kobayashi family:Most people don’t want to grow up they just can’t stay a kid

The reason why we didn’t choose Tic Took at first could be attributed to the awkward first half of the first episode, and a natural resistance to Thor’s boobs… It’s hard to imagine that I’m a boy who doesn’t have big breasts. But the thing is that whenever I see meat for sale, or the appearance of it, it often evokes in me a fear of being called a “fat bastard” and a vague feeling that my self-esteem has been trampled.

But it’s definitely not about selling meat and lilies. It’s about telling a story from the start. In a nutshell, the series tells the daily story of a dragon named Thor (a girl, of course) who comes to the real world from another world and magically transforms into a maid to live with Kobayashi, a single (female) programmer. Of course, also includes the second set to join the Kobayashi family into a girl dragon “Connor”, from the beginning of the story more out of the feeling of a family of three. On the whole, the set of “Sister Hiddledragon” is interesting, the plot is funny and reasonable, and the emotion is sincere; to paraphrase the “Passerby heroine” in Gingili on excellent works of evaluation words: painting has been very stable, the girls are very lovely. So I take it for granted that this is an excellent daily show.

But if it stops there, there doesn’t seem to be much to show for it. Unlike Girl Magazine, which focuses on the light and interesting fan, the unique feature of Tic Took makes me want to talk about. It also adds some heavy things into the interesting daily life, such as the depiction of “loneliness” and the discussion of “integration” and “exclusion”, which is also direct attacks on some places that make us, thinks in today’s society.

Kobayashi is an ordinary young office worker. She “finds it difficult to deal with people” and “has very few friends”. Before she meets Thor in the plot, she has been very lonely, everyday ordinary life without change. This particularly resonates with me, and I think it is also the attitude of young people in Japanese society, or more generally, in this day and age: living in isolation and isolation in a stressful environment. And Thor’s arrival is to break Kobayashi’s routine life.

Thor, a great dragon in the other world, fled to Kobayashi’s world alone because he lost the battle. In fact, the ability of exceptionally strong Thor, in fact, in the end is a lonely, confused girl. As a chaos force, she does not know why, just fight all day, “not free”. In Kobayashi’s world, she felt for the first time the peace that she really craved and the warmth of being with friends, so she boldly made the choice of “staying with Kobayashi” for herself.

And Thor’s life in this world has not been easy. In the second episode, a mismanaged attempt to catch a thief, for the first time, makes Thor feel a different version of him, in the eyes of others. Kobayashi later explained that people fear and reject people who are “different.” There was a hint of sadness and loneliness in Thor’s face. In fact, this occasional loneliness seems to have been a shadow of Thor. Also, in the ladle-breaking episode, Thor tries and fails to understand the human trick. At that time, Kobayashi said, “Do what you can do.” It is, as someone on Doosan wrote, “a strong sense of distance.” It can be seen that the expression of Thor, who is very ambitious and eager to prove himself to Kobayashi, is very depressed. Although the show always uses some heartwarming dialogue (chicken soup) to try to drown out the heavy feeling brought by this discussion, it still leaves people with a lot to think about at times. There are also quotable lines like “Not everyone wants to grow up; they just can’t be a kid anymore.”

Throughout the series, along with the daily development of the two people, their personalities are changing imperceptibly. During a visit to Kobayashi’s home, Corky told Kobayashi that “Thor was not a laughing child before,” while Kobayashi’s colleague told Kobayashi that she had been “smiling a lot” lately. Perhaps this is two people depend on each other care, happiness. In Alma’s episode, Thor feels neglected by Kobayashi and cries out to him. For the first time ever, Kobayashi, who is usually aggressive but not overly affectionate, touches Thor’s head — a sign of their growing affection

So far I’ve left out the other main character in the series: Connor. The girl set Connor should be Ben’s cute value. As a child, Connor completely completes Kobayashi’s family, becoming a pattern of three. Cute and reasonable, sincere and sometimes a little cautious, and a very well-rounded and endearing character (a lot of nerds: if only they were my children), which makes the plot more interesting.

I don’t particularly want to talk about the last episode. I think it is really a little hasty, the cause and effect of the preparation is still a little lack, and two mouth cannon to solve the battle, also let me feel that it is not reasonable. But that ending doesn’t affect my overall impression of the show.

Finally, a few words about a setting in one of the plays, which is also a core contradiction: dragons can live for ten thousand years, but people can live for less than a hundred years, so Thor and Kobayashi must be separated one day. What happens to Thor after that? I think it’s a pretty complicated question. To make friends with humans is to see them fall in front of you one by one. Maybe dragons and people really shouldn’t be friends? I think we all have our own opinions on this.

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