Warm and healing movie

The name of the flower was not heard

Known flower meaning, not smell flower name, goodbye flower, tears fall thousands of Ming. Known flower meaning, not smell the flower, has seen the flower, not smell the name of the flower.Story introduction: 6 people who have been childhood sweethearts since childhood, but after raising to high school each other have a distance. Not very much in touch with peopleProtagonist Saharan too, a little too sister is influenced by Aching Naruto, into the key high school Songhua set and crane see know the son, give up high school

And the start of the travel Kuagawa railway, only the girl Honda bud Yi Koi is still as before. One day, NH Yi Zip said to Torren, “Help me

Make a wish.” Ran too although a little difficult, but still promised to help hemp wish. Take this as an opportunity, in order to achieve bud clothing

The desire of the son, the scattered people gathered together again.

This is a complicated play in love, but the most moving is not as we think of love, but the valuable friend

Love now closes your eyes, please. Think about how many of your playmates were once inseparable, sitting back to back together

The balcony stupidly counted the stars in the sky and talked about your future. But today, you’re still in touch with several of these playmates

What about the department? One Two Three or zero Do you have their contact information?

Yes, people come in and go out of our world every day, many of whom we used to think were best friends for life

Man is now the man in the little compartment of the box in the drawer in our room. We still remember that there is such a familiar person in the distance

Strange people, but we did not go to contact him/her, we are afraid that he/she has forgotten us? Or afraid he/she is already looking

When one can replace one’s once irreplaceable position? Or is it about face? I don’t know what we’re doing

What to fear, what to worry about. Anyway, we’ve all tried to delete texts that we’ve already written. Can only put that miss silently

To stay in the deepest part of the heart, the pain that cannot cut off the feelings can only be tasted quietly.

After reading the “not heard flower name” this play, you will find that your fear and your scruples are actually so insignificant, at least for deep

They are insignificant to the friendship hidden in your heart. You’ll find that all it takes is a phone call, a text, a copy

Small gifts, the friendship will slowly resurface, you don’t need to do anything earth-shattering to move the other person, as long as

You let them know that you still care about the friendship, that you miss the friend you haven’t seen for a long time, and that you hope you can go back to back

The earth counted the stars and talked of the future. When you reacquire this long-lost friendship, you will find that you missed you

Good friends are so happy and unhappy that you will be as happy as a bird for your reunion.

Finally, I would like to say, “Please believe that the person you are thinking of right now is also thinking of you, he/she was there

When you lose your way, you go back to the things you’ve been through a million times, so if you have a person or people in mind,

Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone, open QQ, open Fee letter……. Use every means available to you to get in touch with the person in your heart

Go ahead! I’m here to wish you a speedy reconnection.”

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