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The cyanotic Fist:Conan is too cruel, Geezer Kidd wound wound

This critic is talking nonsense in the name of a script expert, completely ignoring the setting and continuity of the characters in the whole work. It can be seen from the description that he has not even read the whole work of Conan, and he does not even know what kind of character Kidd is. When some people raise different opinions and point out their understanding problems, they add comments on personal attacks, thinking that they are so superior, but in fact, they are a keyboard troll with confused logic and no respect for facts.

A work is made up of plot and character. For long works, it is necessary to consider the consistency of character and the rationality of behavior before and after the characters, and the characterization should be complete, not paper-like, stereotyped. With the development of the plot and the change of the relationship between the characters, different angles should be presented to show the difference in time, perspective and dimension.

From the beginning, Kidd is a 17 year old boy who faces the public and the people around him. Relative to a new often presented “brother sense”, Kuaidoo black plume itself is more “brother sense”. From the first appearance, 73 reveal the character’s main personality traits. From the avatar Settings in the trailer, it is clear that the character’s essence is bright and fun, and how mature a grinning KID can be. Not to mention “Magic Quick Bucket”, Conan, after falling into the water after a cold and Akko broken thoughts, show occasionally dependent on Huang grandpa, often chased out by police Nakamori emesis are very can illustrate this point.

In recent years, with the development of the plot, more and more cooperation with Conan, more and more familiar, but also more in the “companion” perspective to show a more “black feather fast fighting” side. It’s this contrast cuteness that fans love. So far, in addition to Gin, the other characters, including the early cold and dangerous Sochi Akai and Toru Mauro, have gradually shown the other side of birth activation as they get closer to the main character, which is the normal development of the story and characters. Why is it cold in M3 and debut? Because they didn’t know each other at that time! In M23, when I was pretending to be Shinichi, I was quick to fight. When I was alone with Conan, I was like a child. When I appeared in front of others as Kidd, I was still serious, wasn’t it? The faster Kidd fights in front of Conan, the more familiar they are. In the main line, the main characters gradually team up is the trend of The Times. Conan made it clear that the positioning is still girls’ comic, do girls like to watch handsome men fight each other? No, we’re getting more and more ripe and sweet, aren’t we? When Black Chicken first appeared, he was yelling at the washing machine. After finding out the secret, the two of them are like “threatening” each other. Just because Kidd doesn’t have a lot of scenes don’t mean they can’t make friends with each other.

If you think Kidd’s antics are bad, it’s because you don’t agree with 73’s original setup of the character. “Magic Quick Fight” failed because it was too early, the plot was not interesting enough, it was too fantastical and grandiose, and it lacked a compelling theme. Conan has been so popular since the beginning of the series because of his original mysteries and compelling cases that it took 73 to transplant beloved characters from another work. Neither Kidd nor Ai Hakuwara, two popular characters, was originally on Conan. You can discuss, you can give your opinion, and you can even think that the work is hopeless, but it must be based on some knowledge of the facts. If you hold the attitude that “this character should shine high and cool and mature”, it can only be the character of your own imagination, is your idea, your story, not the character you are evaluating, the story itself.

The logic of the story Are the characters more attractive? If even the most basic character setting logical cannot do, create a tall full image is not more destroyed more car accident? Isn’t it weird that Conan and I have gotten so close to each other in the main line? Being pointed out by so many people in the comments, but open to call others a brat, personal quality can be seen.

For M23, you can say that the plot is seriously unreasonable, you can say that the reasoning part is almost no, you can say that Jigjig really people set too one punch superman (this is a real person has no problem), and you can even say that Kidd is not versatile not dazzling how stupid, but pointing to black plume Kuaidoo said, you are not my mind bright instant thief Kidd,Are you all right?

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