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Detective Conan: The Sunflower of Industry fire: Sunflower is always watching you. Don’t do that, little girl, because you’ll miss the one you love the most.

Since the gay love in the shipwrecked ship in the sky touched, I can no longer look at Conan Kidd appeared in the same picture when the feeling of CP, a pure and innocent primary school students, a love of drag easy forced aerobatic glide, more importantly, the two of them actually long one! Die! One! Like! Ah! Is this weird, bad taste set up so they can fall in love and kill each other and then love each other again?

“I am Shinichi Kudos, a high school detective…” The same clip played for nearly 20 years, such a high cost performance and utilization ratio besides Conan theater version that can do it? Of course, it is appropriate to reminisce about the “truth is only one” and reminisce about his youth running away under the sunset. Recalling that over the years, the number of people who had died before the school of Death had reached four figures; everywhere he went, skyscrapers blew up, airplanes blew up, and high-end art galleries that had been built at great expense also blew up. If one were to count Conan’s impact on Japan’s GDP, I’d say it would be at least 1%.

Well, I digress. The Disaster Star pupil is still popular with everyone for his cute face and God-inspired skills. And what about the Kidder Killer,Wait, why do I suddenly think of the words “girl killer”, “milk killer” etc.,These two killers should mean different things, huh? But the theater version of the nutritional reasoning is very little, all people including primary school students have been sent to the trailer has been Kidd led by the nose. And then the real murderer behind the scenes is just a brainless girl, the motive is “love van Gogh, more than the identification results trust my intuition”, please ask the scripter, you can be a little more elaborate? Can you take a snack?

So in the case of the plot does not give force, the theater version of the watch and only Conan escape, this is like the Spring Festival Gala “Unforgettable Tonight”, do not come to a segment of the audience is really not aware of the end of the climax. Leaving aside whether LAN’s karate damage violates the laws of physics, what is the arrangement for Kid to fly away with LAN and leave Conan behind? Entrust? At this time I silently imagine if Conan unfortunately did not escape, Kidd is not for his wishes, from now on become a new guardian Xiaolan’s…… Oh, if this is true, it must be called “Kidd Will Love You for Me”, it will be a beautiful and touching love tear-jerking heartbreaking movie.

History tells us, however, that elementary school students don’t hang on to the hero’s aura. The dying Conan will increase his fighting power by 10,000 percent just at the thought of his female votes. It is not impossible to rise from the dead; after all, the human will is very strong. At this time, interspersed with Xiao LAN’s worried face and inner love call for the millionth time, the climax atmosphere will be mobilized. No matter how rebellious and coquette play cool Kidd, this time also in silent prayer with Xiao LAN, oh what a good spare tire ah, I saw this scene fell into the fan moved. It turns out that Kidd is the real heroine of this theater version.

It is said that the words of the sunflower are “I only look at you”. My God, isn’t it referring to the two people who can never get along because of their identity as a detective and a thief? Ahem, the correct solution is to say that the lover who cannot reveal his identity has been standing by his side in a different capacity.

A long time ago, Conan was a mystery movie, and then it became an action movie, a science fiction movie if you exaggerate, and every recent one has been a disaster movie, and now I realize that it was a romance all along.

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