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Detective Conan: Shipwreck in the Sky:A new challenge for Kidd

I’ve come this far and you’re still a teenagerI skipped my major course and finished M14. I have a lot to say.During the movie, I kept wondering if Conan was tired of being an intelligent kid for 14 years. Starting at the crossroads of the maze, it slowly turns into an action child actor, and then it’s nothing like blowing up a skyscraper, but it’s also clear that there’s a lot of work going on in the action scenes, whether it’s Conan being thrown overboard in the middle of the show or picking five in the cabin at the end.

When these in the previous plot should be the last to subdue the bad guys to show the power of justice and the appearance of the difficult action scenes become everywhere in this film, when the bad guys scheming to set up such a depressing bureau only for the purpose of stealing things, when Yoshi Yuxiang turned into a bluff.

Once the only male number two, Kidd appeared in the M14 at the same time as the second time, and just reading the introduction was enough of a tantalizing experience. However, the purpose of the flat is to attract attention. The sudden appearance of the penis is supposed to be a special character, but it turns out to be. Kidd is a big part of the show, he has always been good and bad, he completely fell on the positive side, can only say that without him, Conan is dead this time…

For years on end, both the TV version and the theater version have been getting more and blander, and there are even some loopholes that even a nervous person like me can see. Let the FBI or CIA take care of everyone’s fatigue at times during the straight talk, and then continue to run without looking back to the doctor’s bad joke brain teasers.

How do you convince me that I’m watching a famous cartoon?

When I was in the first grade of primary school, Conan became smaller, and then said a lie that was known to everyone in the world except the people around him. We were also fooled by Castle Peak for more than a decade.

For 19 years old myself, more than ten years can be counted as a very long time, so from time to time as a show off the capital.

Earlier was not heard of the theater version, never heard of the special edition and OVA, can see a pirated component of the novel version is a must take pride in things. When I was in the third grade of elementary school, I saw a 30-episode VCD at a large supermarket chain. The yellow cover cost 89 pieces. At that time, I did not dare to ask my mother for money to buy such things, so I had to save it slowly. Finally, on the birthday of the next year, I took enough money to go to the supermarket and tried to bring it home, only to see the empty shelves.

Crying in the supermarket I remember.

In fact, if you think about it, there are many reasons to continue to watch.

For example, I want to know what happened to Xiao Ai in the end, whether he grew up with Conan or continued to stay with Akai Sochi.

For example, I like to watch the scenes of Conan and Xiao LAN. It is not easy to have unrequited love lasting more than ten years. Even if you have to think that the new one does not exist for countless times every time, you still feel that the sun is shining because of their sweet little romance.

Like Ngoro and Miki, Hawaii and Kasha, Kuaidoo and Akko, Mutsuhito and Bum, who make me burst into womanly gossip?

For example, every time I solve a case, it makes me more confident that good will prevail over evil.

Like 15 years of habits that I really can’t break.

I’ve always thought that not everyone watches Conan because of the story; there must be people like me who have come to see Conan as a 15-year habit. The weekly TV version is a must watch, the theatrical version is excited every year since April, and every now and then there is a special edition with an extra episode that is generously aired for more than an hour.

So whether the reasoning wasn’t advanced, the story wasn’t engaging, or even if I was able to pick out a bunch of the things I mentioned above, he was a super attractive teenager who made me want to save up money to buy a whole set of DVDS my whole childhood.

We are constantly running through childhood, being told by our parents to go, go, go and see the real world. So I grew up, gradually indifferent to the standards of good and evil when I was a child, and began to believe that even the stupidest lies can be forgotten in childhood fairy tales.

However, when Conan tells the story of his and Xiao LAN with glowing eyes to others, the children still speak harshly in the face of evil people. They sing forgotten nursery rhymes in the forest, run freely in the bustling streets, and the happiest thing is to be treated to eat good food or to play the latest game.

Suddenly, we were just like them, living through a childhood that was fading away.

Maybe what we watch all the time is the heart, the courage, the innocence, the kindness, and all the good things that can only be believed without reserve when we watch animation.

Well, if you think about it that way, these years have been pretty good

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