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Detective Conan: Fifteen minutes of silence

Once spoken, words can never be taken back. Language is a sharp sword. If not used properly, it will become a terrible weapon, because one wrong word may lose a lifelong friend, and one brush may never see you again The day before yesterday, PT of Northeastern University suddenly appeared Conan’s latest theatrical version of “Fifteen minutes of Silence” HD, in line with the last trace of attention to the island animation or down, ten minutes later post has been deleted post was also banned, secretly glad. After a little logical thinking, every time I watch Conan’s TV, QVA, theater version and even the live version, all kinds of reasoning-seeming but irrational reasoning, always want to laugh, but I bear it.

After last night’s theatrical version of the most bandit logic in the world, I decided to open up my long-buried blog and use dead-rationalist logic to analyze how bandit it is. The plot of the film is no longer repeated. Those who do not understand the content are welcome to pause while reading this article.

First, the subway bombing

Before entering the tunnel, there is a good detail that Conan is watching the TV news on his mobile phone. After entering the tunnel, the picture disappears because there is no signal. But after the skateboard show made everyone nervous, Conan found that the boss was going to detonate the bomb, he took out his mobile phone to call the police officer and said that it was going to explode and immediately brake… Is there coverage in the tunnel or not? Did Conan get a signal when he was about to call?

How did the bomb get placed on top of a tunnel five meters above the ground? Unless the car tunnel is closed, the boss does not have time to use large tools to place it. Is it possible that he also rode a skateboard and rushed up with centrifugal force?

After the bomb ripped through the tunnel’s interlayer, the subway burst through the roof of the 5-meter-high highway tunnel into the ground and continued to slide along the road for at least 2,000 meters before coming to a stop. In addition to the 5-meter-high vertical fall, the train body was hit by the roadside guardrail at least eight times. The final close-up of the front of the car showed only a scratch and no glass was broken. The gap between the quality of Japanese and Chinese trains makes me feel embarrassed to study materials. The press conference afterwards said that fortunately no one was injured. China must be lucky that no one survived. It was clear the driver had clamped the brakes before the explosion, so let’s do a high school rough calculation. This dynamic friction factor indicates that Japanese roads are standard ice rinks.

Dead at last

I knew it. A snowy environment would require a trail of footprints that never returned to the scene of a murder. I was wondering if the killer wasn’t walking backwards again. Conan laughed at himself this time; let Ngoro himself back once to understand that this only in the mystery novel killing method is unrealistic. Conan proposed a new solution this time: kill people before the snow, wait for the snow to cover the original footprints, and walk back backwards. I was all over the place. As Miss Mazurka said, this snow will stop “soon.” Even if the footprints are covered with snow for a while, a footprint expert will be able to identify the footprints (as mentioned in CSI). Besides, how did the killer know it was going to snow when he walked past a mountain stream? How do we know there’s enough snow to cover the footprints? The most ridiculous thing is that Conan said there was snow in the hat but not on the top of the head, which means the murderer knocked the snow off his head and forgot the hat.

We theorize that in order for there to be enough snow to cover the tracks, the killer must have given enough time for the snow to fall, in other words, if the snow was about to stop before he killed the last two footprints. So the victim crouched in the snow long enough to cover the footprints. If so, then the murderer must stand beside the victim until the snow stops, or there will be no footprints at all. How did the killer know Conan and his party wouldn’t pass by before the snow stopped? Even if you can predict when they’ll pass, you can’t predict when the snow will fall. Then there was the question of snow, which Conan said was in his hat but not on top of his head. During that time, since it was going to snow, there would be snow on the body, the head may also be knocked off or melted. No one cleans out their hat when it snows anymore, do they? If the victim died of natural causes, that makes sense, and it doesn’t add up to murder.

Walk out backwards? Can walking backwards and forwards really be exactly the same? When walking in the snow, we all have an experience. After stepping on the ground, we press down on the top of our feet, so that the balls of our feet move backward and downward at an Angle to the ground. The forward force generated here increases the amount of forward force that the snow gives to the feet. But if you walk backwards, your heels should be lower than the plane of your feet, and the balls of your feet should be backward and forward. The slope of the footprint is reversed. Don’t believe the snow in winter you can watch carefully. I have observed.

What happened at the dam was too much for me to tease. Conan is shot with a stun gun (the old man in the cabin is already unconscious after being shocked), shot in the body, stomped five times, and then comes back to life in a full state on a self-skiing ultra-thin skateboard, causing an avalanche and changing the course of the flood.

Let’s get to the point. Restore the crash scene. Far wild water Iasi and sister far wild Iasi about doing model things quarrel, water Iasi pushed a Iasi, Iasi fell to the driveway, was just robbed diamond murder after driving away Shawnee stream interface accidentally hit and killed. All this was seen by seven-year-old Tome Táchira. Mountain tail stream interface get off to see the dead with Liana winter horse. It will be knocked unconscious to the car tangled how to deal with, but it was the wake up to see the diamond, decided to kill. Liana winter horse opened the door to escape, fell off a cliff, mountain tail stream escape, and hide the diamond at home to surrender to the car accident. The problem comes, far wild water should have seen Shawnee stream sake took the original winter horse to the car, she should be very clear later winter horse coma is who did, but she won’t feel strange, since to surrender why murder witnesses. In addition, Shawnee stream sake surrendered that it was drunk driving that led to the accident, it is not necessary, he if “a few hours later to surrender”, if there is drunk driving, alcohol can be detected, a robber will drink before and after the crime? What are the cops doing, calling it drunk without alcohol? He can be said to be dark road slippery, far wild Iasi suddenly rushed out of the car accident. I’m not drinking anyway, so I could save myself a few years, maybe even before the dam is built.

Far wild water is reluctant to leave the village is to monitor Liana winter horse? Why, direct sister died and went away from home, even if the future Li Yuan winter horse woke up and said to see someone push her also dead. What’s the point of spying, just waiting to wake up and scare him off with a shotgun? How far will it go? It’s going to go.

The bomb on the dam was well placed… Is this a person half a day’s work, demolition team China Chengguan what shame no.

What does the dam explosion have to do with the subway explosion? Conan told us three reasons. One, keep the deacons from attending the festival, reduce the exposure of the dam explosion. Second, he blamed Mr. Mustache for his opposition to the dam. Three, test the bomb. Well. I shed tears. I think there are many ways to keep someone from attending an event, for example, by giving them diarrhea… You don’t want a terrorist attack that could kill 100 or 200 people and take a lot of risk. Second, let public opinion think that the laxative is Mustache Yuehiko put good. Test the bomb… I’d find something close to a dam to blow up, like a prison wall.

Conan students in order to pick up girls always with two mobile phones, a Conan, a Rontgen, dare not double card double. What a coincidence it was Conan’s phone that fell out after the avalanche, and Kudu’s phone that woke Conan up. What would have happened if it had been changed? Such a big avalanche went straight down, and finally Xiao LAN dug out after only a few digs. I thought it went into the river at first.

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