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Flower story:A piece of new green into the eyes, the mountain has its own cuckoo, bonito to the time

As a mindless fan of the story series, I deeply agree with Nisei when he says in the story how this work can be animated. But Nance 18 director is also done, (pit money) effect is quite good… But looking back, there is still a story line, although the dialogue is too much, still can shoot a plot. In the so-called second season, it is probably because Nisei more and more arbitrary, in the ghost story and the original flower story, simply let the characters tell the story, a dozen chapters, in the middle of the original dialogue also omitted the line of the questioner (” Ah? You ask XX?” This means that the narrator is actually interrupted, but there is no interrupting word). This animation is very laborious, if the use of narration means to deviate from the flavor of the original work, but if the narrative style, it is easy to make the animation monotonous…… I still remember that the one line in the Tale of Ononogu has only two CV’s (in fact, that line doesn’t have to be a woman), and it has a very artistic scroll style, but it would probably be a little monotonous if it wasn’t for the story series (or for the “silly face” of Ninja). Anyway, the human form since the typewriter west end is regardless of my own code happy enough.

In this respect, the story of Flowers is similar to the story of ghosts. The overall story is relatively simple, with a large paragraph of the moor wax flower’s own narrative inserted in the middle. And this self-statement in the animation is also a whole sentence by Mrs. O Cheng alone. Well, for those of you who haven’t seen it before, this is going to put you to sleep… As well as this part of the performance of a large part of the self-description is still that from the age of the round shaft has been deeply loved by what troupe done, well, the basic season shaft of which the performance of this troupe has been set, at least to do what ED or insert small theater what.

There’s not much to say about the plot. The story is just talking things out (or not). Due to Neosho’s imagination, the novel is inserted in the middle of the second season dump story and the scene story, which gives away a little bit of the plot in advance after the climax and the finale… What I care about is that in the middle, the mirror in the car of Ale garbage actually reflects his hair when he is driving. Does it mean that the vampirism in the story has been solved after the ending? This is a detail that’s only in the animation anyway, not in the original. And small tolerance is the presence of a key chain and a series of welfare figure yak T ^ T, not satisfied, unhappy で す!

(Note: Later I checked the news and found that Sheen Linsang was ill recently and could not work… Get well soon)

Then buckle a topic, read the OP (according to the style should be obviously ED) of time attention, this music was not  greatly before the god! ? I don’t understand why the soundtrack of the Story series has changed suddenly, and I haven’t focused on the specific reason. The music was composed by a composer named Yoke Ki. I have never heard of it before, so I looked it up. The animation soundtrack part I have an impression of is a ToHeart2, but it seems to have cooperated with the new house in other works. Mr. Hauula also composed some popular music.

Sound or feel before and some of the differences of music style, such as feeling nifty part less, emotional parts of some serious (with the entire orchestra of sound), and may be due to the music and Mrs. Oshawa city singing that song (common sense should be OP) is not the same composition, the composition is ミ ト, wrote some OP/ED), And there is no longer the traditional story of OP slow play as BGM. According to the 暁 style before god, at least monogatari era of ambivalent world have to change the arrangements to remove vocals on the inside. Don’t know if the moon next animation works are done by shaft 暁 before god will not return. Sigh. Not god version before Mr. Wood BGM sounds was wrong.

Mention again why the taste of new houses has decreased. As we all know, probably after the small circle shaft’s works in the new house is a titular general supervisor, these works are actually the new house apprentice in doing. Responsible for quotations on the apprentice is plate village, monogatari period is the original painting, performance, and the pseudo tale is シ リ ー ズ デ ィ レ ク タ ー (don’t know what is translated into good, series director?) “, to the cat Black, and later works finally promoted to supervision, gratifying congratulations. It seems that the supervisor is beginning to show his own style rather than just imitating the master.

How can I say this change in style? It’s hard to describe. The concrete feeling is that the animation has become more watchable, or audience-friendly? For example, in the second season, the pause time of the scenes with a large number of words was slightly longer than that of the pseudo-stories of the fictional stories. It changed from never pausing at all to barely seeing the whole story. For example, the sudden switch of close-up shots of the face is also used sparingly.

To this work, I even a little doubt that such a style of new house hanging a comprehensive supervision is appropriate. Of course, there are still scenes of unknown meaning and passers-by are still missing en masse, but there is such a complex sport as playing basketball. And the race between Kithara and Bake really wasn’t meant to be funny. The details of the newspaper roast are amazing, too. It makes me want to eat a roast… What surprised me most was the long run in the wilderness of Kithara before I met the garbage of Array. The scenes pulling back slowly combined with quite fine scenes and the newly arranged strings of Yoke made it impossible for me to watch such a serious story series!

Well, despite these and other new changes, the Story series is still a charming set of works. I hope the animation in the future can continue smoothly, and continue to give the audience benefits.

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