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Working cell:If hard work is for those little life, then, I am willing to die for it.

The whole world loves to see Japanese drawing comics, even if they are popular science, they can be popular online.Alkane Shimizu’s “The Working Cell” is taking the world by storm this summer. In China, it is still the No. 1 player on B’s “New Fan Chart”. In Japan, it was successfully introduced into biology classrooms and praised by medical professionals.Some 345 years after Leeuwenhoek, a Dutchman, first saw a cell under a microscope, the inhabitants of these micro cores have become even more beloved.

The human body is a sweatshop for the 37.2 trillion cells that do their jobs.

The most numerous red blood cells are the little red-capped “couriers” who toil tirelessly through the blood vessels carrying oxygen and carbon dioxide to other cells. Where the invasion of bacteria, viruses, parasites, walking in the blood vessel wall of the “patrol police” white blood cells rushed to the scene at the first time

Every little accident can be a disaster inside the human body.

In Alkane Shimizu’s work, a single abrasion leaves the marks of a World War; A parasite lurking in sashimi is like a micro world Godzilla, bursting through the stomach wall with one head. Pollen as small as 30 nanometers in diameter can cause an asteroid-like allergic reaction if it burrows into the body

The scientific community and educators have been working to make science seem fun. As a child, I first learned that oleander was poisonous in Black Cat Sheriff and ventured into volcanoes with Hale Brothers.

Alkane Shimizu’s creative motivation was purely accidental. Three years ago, her sister, who was struggling to review cell knowledge, suggested to her that it would be easier to memorize the boring knowledge if she could present it in the form of anthropomorphic cartoons. Little sister already has a “love of things”, as early as in 2006, when the nine planets of the solar system expelled Pluto, she was only 12 years old, “think Pluto is so poor”, but also for this information, write a story.

She adopted her sister’s proposal, the two sister’s one as a research, one as a scriptwriter, human cells choreographer wonderful drama.

Anthropomorphic popular science comics are not uncommon in recent years. “Kingdom of Gems” gives gems intelligence and emotion, “Inside Out” focuses on the five emotions of a person, and “Cell War” is about white blood cells fighting a virus with cold medicine. From the moment it was conceived, “The Working Cell” was intended to be a rigorous work of popular science, not just imaginative. In order to ensure the quality of popular science, the series was published less than 30 times in three years.

Each time a cell is introduced; the detail master chooses the right “enemy” and moves for it.

The Macrophage is a gentle and graceful lady, and when it’s time to go into battle, it’s lethal with its broadsword. B lymphocytes are the “bazooka guns” that can spray antibodies. NK cells are the big sister of virus-infected cells and cancer cells. The inactivated initial T cells were cowardly little “knobs”, but were encouraged by dendritic cells to reactivate and become a new force against the virus.

The world has been destroyed by viruses and bacteria invasion time after time, and it has been reborn again and again, built perfectly, each cell in its proper place.

She modeled the air sacs on airports as perpetual fans. The venous valve is like a one-way tram entrance gate, red blood cells if countercurrent is illegal to break the gate. The lymphatic system is a military exclusion zone. When fever occurs, the body’s immune system issues a red alert, an “emergency warning,” and killer T cells are in full swing. The droplets from a sneeze are rockets fired by dedicated immune cells that successfully seal bacteria and viruses.

In an interview, Ms. Shimizu said that Working Cell tried to avoid designing specific diseases that would make people guess their age and gender. Every war is personal to you, personal to you.

Once the battle is over, tiny platelets emerge to clean up the battlefield. In reality, they are only 1 to 4 microns in size. In the cartoon, a group of little girls, numerous in number, use clotting factors to build scab DAMS and fill deep valleys caused by scrapes.

Working Cell also secretly altered the fate of some cells for the sake of the plot. For example, the white blood cell U-1146 and the red blood cell AE3803, which always save the beauty, meet again and again and become deeply in love. In fact, the life of white blood cells is very short and tragic, in order to maintain a strong attack, their survival time is only 6 to 10 hours. They are pioneers, unable to defeat each other, and will choose to die together, making sacrifices for the human body. Red blood cells don’t have time for love. They are real workaholics, swimming 480,000 meters in their limited four-month life span, which is the equivalent of running 4,000 meters every day.

Even the harshest of examiners will forgive this. After all, the more important point of Working Cell is to think of these lovely friends when you’re feeling down, depressed, or listless.

They spend a lifetime in our bodies, in our veins, and are the true building blocks of our existence. They never advertise themselves, and they never stop working.

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