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86 A war zone that does not exist:If one day you come to the end of our journey, will you offer us a bunch of flowers?

I also count half the original party, before a treasure wanted to buy “the End of the three questions” when found “86 does not exist war zone”. There were only three volumes out at that time. Attracted to the name, bought the Taiwan version of the first volume, It may be because of the different transmission vectors. When reading novels, we will be attracted by the words and ignore the bugs. And the writing is provocative,  “May the damned glory be to the Vanguard?”

“There is no country in the world that can be condemned for not having human rights for its pigs. Therefore, it is not a violation of human rights to suppress, persecute or kill people who speak different languages, have different skin colors, or have different ancestors as humanoid swine.”

“There is no country in the world that can be condemned for not having human rights for its pigs. Therefore, it is not a violation of human rights to suppress, persecute or kill people who speak different languages, have different skin colors and have different ancestors as humanoid swine. The end of the Republic of Santa Magnolia began and ended at the moment when it was assumed that this idea was correct and the majority of the population did not oppose it.”

It looks burning, but these sentences don’t translate well in animation. This is the advantage of words.

Animation has its own advantages, but the production team failed to do so. This time, you Sane Yuba group, but did not play the effect of 1+1 > 2. Out of nine episodes, the seventh is the most impressive. Light change the usual routine – water story. As a result, the whole drama is very slow, which leads to problems. Some bugs not found in reading novels appear vividly in the animation, very disappointing. Of course there is a problem with the source material, but the bigger problem is that the director doesn’t have a good idea of what an episode is going to be about, which magnifies the bug. Most of the time, the animation is flat where the novel is burning. What’s the use of a gorgeous soundtrack and a varied Ed? I can’t get the rhythm right. This beautiful flower is just a flower stuck in cow dung. But some of the use of the lens is very good, also can turn the mirror. When you tell a story with two lines, there’s always a date at the bottom but the point is how is the audience supposed to remember what happened on which day corresponds to the other line?

Especially episode 9 I’m so angry. It’s really strong to fight with my brother with such little drama and no tension. Plus, the animation doesn’t complement the Sheen family, so it’s hard to relate to his brother’s death.

The following is the description of the change of mentality of the 86th generation in the novel

“Maybe it was my parents’ generation. At that time, however, they were more interested in restoring a normal life to their families than overthrowing the Republic, so they went to war. And if they gave up the fight, the first to die were their families, locked up outside the Iron Curtain in forced camps. So they had no choice but to trust the Republic’s cajoling and fight on.

After the deaths of their parents, their brothers and sisters realized that citizenship was a distant aspiration, but at least they had to fight to prove that they were citizens of the republic. It is the duty of citizens to defend their motherland, and they hope to get back the self-existence proof [identity] and reserve [dignity] trampled by their motherland through the act of dying for their country. Just to prove that they are real citizens of the republic and not white pigs who have abandoned their duty to defend the country.

But for Lyndon and his colleagues, even that was lost.

Almost all the family members they were supposed to guard had died, and they were too young when they were sent to the internment camps, the tiny cages.

The memory of walking freely down the street, or the experience of being treated like a human being, is too foreign to them. All I remember is life as a human animal surrounded by barbed wire and minefields, and the persecutors who created it, called the Republic. They did not even remember the Republic founded on the spirit of liberty, equality, fraternity, justice, and decency. Before they could develop the consciousness and honor of citizenship, they were knocked down as domestic animals.

Lyndon they never considered themselves citizens of the Republic.

They are the eight six – born in the battlefield died in the battlefield, to this embattled battlefield for the homeland, the death of the fighting people. This is their self-existence proof and reserve.

The country called the Republic of Santa Magnolia, the “foreign country” where the white pigs live, they don’t really care.”

But animation says nothing about it. Leading to the death of Brother, the ultimate boss doesn’t make the audience cry at all.

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