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Only the streets where I’m not:A work of literature and art with both stories

It’s been a long time since we’ve been so hooked on an anime series, and the first episode can grab the audience’s attention. (I think it’s a very powerful beginning, comparable to the giants.)I’ve recommended it to many friends, and the recommendation is: either you don’t even look at it, or if you do, you’ll want to finish it.Film and television works with suspense, time and space jump, change different time lines to affect other time, to be honest, there are a lot of good works, such as: stone gate, butterfly effect, black hole frequency, chill cicada, but there are more problems, such as.

Therefore, this kind of theme involves physics and time-related issues, which are not easy to deal with. The plot is prone to chaos caused by the change of time. At the same time, due to Zhou’s previous great works: butterfly effect, the plot of the new works tends to move towards the direction of extremely strict plot design. If the control is not strong, the whole body will be in a sudden loss. The plot is like an aircraft carrier in an aircraft carrier formation, which cannot swing freely, and the fault tolerance rate is extremely low. But the work is very simple and very effective, just a not too much explanation — the re-release, without limiting the development of the plot, handled well. (I have only seen the TV version and do not know the original manga.

The whole plot is actually very simple, the hero Wu, has the ability to re-release, can happen five minutes before the vicious event, can observe the butterfly vision, I think may salute a butterfly effect. (Unfortunately, in order not to hinder the development of the plot, this setting is not deeply explored, and later used as a simple time travel, to the past 18 years.

Using this ability, she prevented the abduction of a young girl with the help of her mother, and her mother was killed by the boss because she deduced the murderer of the serial murder of young girls 18 years ago (also known as the boss of the series). The hero travels back 18 years, as a 29-year-old primary school student with a brain and memory to change this entire how like death primary school plot). During the period, he returned to the world of 29 years old because of improper handling. He survived with the help of the heroine of that world, Ai Li, but still could not escape the boss framing. He traveled back to 18 years ago, and finally stopped the potential boss and protected the three girls who were killed (including the heroine of this world and the remaining two girls) and the brave brother who was jailed for injustice. But he failed to protect himself, and as a result, the victim fell asleep for 15 years due to illness, woke up with the help of the group of people he saved, finally let the murderer be punished, and finally ushered in a happy end.

The outer core of the story is the one that appears and emphasizes in the lines — trust (or love, of course). Because of trust, a group of students united to prevent the tragedy from happening again; Because of trust, the mother kept her comatose son for 15 years. Because of trust, Ai Li can attack the store manager and disobey the police in order to realize; Because of trust, a group of them accomplished the rescue of each other. But in the final episode, the hero said that in fact, true trust does not need words to express, not to say each other, is the true sense of trust. There is no doubt that the hero is an ordinary and great man, his greatness is to rely on people and gather into a powerful force, the hero through their trust in others, in exchange for all this, thus creating this great story.

And the core of the whole story is — growth or change, is the youth with a heroic dream to grow into a hero process; It’s the story of a desperate girl who becomes hopeful; The story of the mother trying harder to pull the comatose teenager for more than a decade; It is to save the story of his childhood companions who can become doctors and lawyers to accompany him to grow up and recover. The whole story also changes the past and changes the future.

It is your growth that enables you to live bravely and face the future with hope, even in this city where only I do not exist.

I like the teacher villain very much, obviously a pervert, but full of words of wisdom, even rich in principles, actually in the pursuit of truth on the road, hard to wait for the male master 15 years, the male master has become the eternal gap in his heart, really interesting ah.

I’m slightly sorry that the line of 29, when it’s more malleable, falls back on the line of changing childhood.

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