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Detective Conan: Shudder Music:Music is a human question to God, to be sung in the way of prayer.

Twelve years can turn a tone-deaf into a Japanese version of Jane Zhang, ten years can make a girl as cold as a manhole cover if there is no place to say I love you with homophony and his sweetheart. Twelve years can turn a karate master into a karate and piano master. More than ten years what has changed, but you he cool how so ambiguous, ambiguous you will die of old age. Dead people don’t write on their gravestones the owner of great love the professional master of the science of romance, which is not big or dramatic most of the time so it’s not worth much.

After the fifth film, I had to accept the fact that the theatrical version was slipping so far that it needed gimmicks to hold it up, such as the frequent appearances of black boys and flying men in white, such as the perennial big Bang. So the twelfth Sue to a return to simplicity, no black white clothes no white horse to explore black feather fast bucket Akai show a variety of children’s alcohol products is not suitable for Miss garden when playing tennis point our Jigjig really warrior name. Believe me, the mere sound of that name excites me for five minutes, as if it were the name of some little girl who fantasized a thousand times in elementary school twelve years ago. Oh, I’m still so easy to flirt with. After all these years, I haven’t learned how to act like an old man in front of you.

Long ago, when I read the stories on the popular software, I seemed to recall in my vague memory that Star River had written a short story about the age of navigation, in which there was a girl who never grew old or something, and Star River seemed to use this parallel sentence, time is passing, history is evolving, we are getting old. This is a cool and sentimental line, and I, too, was somewhere around 16 or 17 years old and nearly choked by the snot of “The Country Teacher” and “The Good Old Days,” science fiction and fantasy novels that, regardless of their authorship, were perfectly cathartic.

Memory is ruthless, and its connotations make it possible for me to have a lasting memory of those moments when my mind is sensitive and my nerves are touched, including nightmares and bed-wetting. And his explicit let me not like an IQ genius like photographic memory, including the existence of the novel there is such a girl. Uncertainty is as ubiquitous as carbon dioxide in the air and stifles at the sound of its name, and we seem to prefer to make these quantum clouds of probability collapse in certain ways, however we like. Before she became the heroine of Resident Evil, Wayans Mira played the paranoiac Joan of Arc, and because her sister was killed, she stubbornly believed that the sword was given to him for revenge. And old man Hoffman would tell her that you were just fooling yourself, fooling yourself over and over again, and then Mira broke down or got free, and she burned to death. By the way, Resident Evil is out with a new movie called Degenerate, which I thought would be a degenerate if it was extinct, and then on closer scrutiny, it turns out to be an animated movie made by Capcom himself, especially if there’s nothing wrong with Mira.

Mila was also a gorgeous little Lorie in ’97, alongside the hot Uncle Bruce Willis and the family’s old man weird uncle playing the fifth element, and then in the words of a half-baked ancient Martian, my name is Lila, is the fifth element, is the man of God, you are all dishes. I saw that one laugh ah, tears come out. In 1997 Conan out of the first theatrical version of the explosion of the skyscraper, I graduated from high school just had the chance to see, and then saw the two people on the side of the bomb while fan ah confession ah, tears also want to come out. Oh, shit. Maybe I should get a girl. Then the fifth part of the countdown to heaven again tosses me and this part also basically laid my support attitude to Key Ai and new LAN almost equal.

Hachure would have given his life to keep you going, so at least give him a name. Alas, there is no sign that Conan can’t finish his title every day. Some years ago, someone fantasized about the end of Conan on the Internet. All that stuff about Conan giving Hachure a kiss before he grew up on drugs is kind of tickling, but it’s just a tickle or two. Do you think our hero, a man of extraordinary self-control, emotional stability, single-mindedness and psychological maturity above the old bald donkey Gabo 11, would do something that would go against the tune of over 500 episodes?

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