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Detective Conan: Detonate the skyscraper:Skyscraper adventure

Lee Dee-in said the first rule of the first disease is that the closer things are, the easier they are to forget, and the farther things are, the clearer they are. In my impression of Conan’s theatrical version, this one seems to apply. It’s probably because the people who watch Conan are getting old and the people who draw Conan are tired.”Detonate the skyscraper” is the opening of the theatrical version, since then every year seems to have become a practice of thunder hit immovable, so the theatrical version of Conan fans is like the tree ring to the stump, is the hope of the circle year after year, but the end of the hope recently has been much less than before, I do not know whether people are old love immovable or Conan ten thousand years of primary school identity let people wait impatiently, The last few years have been boring, no matter how much Conan’s omnipotent ability and no matter how realistic the special effects are, Conan’s phone has changed from a flip to an iPhone, but it seems that the first few films are worth remembering.

Although personally feel “the end of the century magician” is all the theater version of the overall feeling of one of the best, the rest of the such as “Baker Street dead” have the foresight to play through, “Maze of the cross road” Kyoto antique and flat times and leaves of the two small guess combination makes people feel romantic and warm; Countdown to Heaven is a dazzling speed car, winning with vision and plot, but the position of the first part is still unshakable in my mind, especially its compact plot, precise reasoning details, the criminal’s motive is also reasonable, and there are new Xiaolan’s last moment of life and death together, unexpected “red line” foibles and so on. All of these make this old work, although original in technical details such as the picture, still feel admirable when reviewing it fifteen years later.

In terms of plot design, the first three rescues make people nervous. Although Conan’s accuracy is as good as a sniper rifle, sports shoes have amazing momentum, traffic regulations have been violated many times and nearly caused traffic accidents, skateboarding technology is contrary to common sense, and other exaggerated plots have already appeared. However, fifteen years later, Conan flew a helicopter at every turn, played any sport is Olympic level, knocked on the ground can cause avalanches, can avoid bullets and other bad plots, which is still acceptable.

There are three minor crises in an hour and a half, plus the final big bomb at the Rice Flower Building cinema. There is not a minute to lose.

As for the lines, I still remember Xiaolan’s sentence “Happy Birthday, I may never have a chance to say it to you again” when the bell sounded at zero.

Xinyi sat behind the door and said to LAN, “Cut it off, in your favorite color and I’ll stay here with you until you cut it off. If you can’t live together, we’ll die together.” The first time he saw it, he thought Xinyi was so handsome. Now, it’s the same;

Outside the building, small five Lang for the whereabouts of the unknown life and death of the collapse of the appearance of people especially sympathetic and sad; Today is still because of this usually confused and bold package day, the key moment of performance is very man very amazing uncle and feel envy for Xiao an;

At last, Xiaolan’s explanation of “because I don’t want to cut the red line between me and Xinyi” once made people suddenly see the light and still feel warm today;

Even the ending song Happy Birthday still sounds good today…

In retrospect, it seems that I can still feel the excitement of watching Conan’s pirated CD during the winter vacation and the feeling of happiness quietly rising from the bottom of my heart after reading it. That’s when Conan and I first got to know each other. It seems understandable why Lu Sun would say wistfully, “I never saw the drama of that night and never ate the good beans of that night.” People are old when they begin to remember the past. Before these ten thousand years old primary school students, it seems that our generation cannot escape the fate.

I’d rather the theatrical version wasn’t produced every year — even if it took a little more time, with a few more stories to savor.

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