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Detective Conan: The magician of Silver Wing:Kidd and Conan

I used to watch Conan’s theatrical version all the time, and personally agree with The Dead of Baker Street and Labyrinth Crossroads. Especially the former, color, picture and atmosphere grasp quite well Therefore, this series is no longer regarded as children’s intelligence toys, children’s animation can also be done more perfect.By this episode, that’s nearly ten. It has to be said that the writer is tired, the director is also changed, and the advantages of the previous film are lost. The whole story is basically outside of Conan, and the focus of the film becomes Hollywood style rescue plane drama tawdry. And the original essence of reasoning has been deconstructed to 7788.

There was a lot of fanfare before the movie that Conan and the KID would fight, and it seemed to be pretty eye-catching. But it was already clear that this “duel” was unlikely to go anywhere. Because both characters are indispensable, it is impossible to write either one off. On the other hand, there’s no way the game will work out, because even the original comics have been using the suspense to create conflict. How could the writers agree to throw it away? Whoever outdoes the other loses the drama, and I’m afraid fans on both sides will be clamoring. The result, therefore, could only be “a murder that was publicized in advance”. The stunt is more important than the reality, and watching it all proves that. But even then, the movie doesn’t pull off the stunt very well, and the conflict and climax are all flat. Don’t understand what the scriptwriter is trying to explain, more like a rush production line.

It is understandable that the author needs to write endlessly, because he needs to earn money endlessly. But before making money, think about how to spin the story and solve the case. That’s what really appeals to the audience.

In addition, there are many problems with the plot.

For example, in the previous episode, KID was always helping Conan secretly, and Conan knew that he was a rogue. So why did Conan have to arrest KID in this episode? This idea is problematic, and as a basis for the whole film, it’s obviously not solid. Lost the battle between justice and evil, into the gay and lesbian love interaction of party A and party B, Conan’s case solving also lost the moving power.

The plot is also looser than in other theatrical versions, with the focus less on reasoning and more on action such as crash landings. To play action with animation, it is more comedy, it is difficult to shine. As a result, the film abandons Lou’s elaborate case and reasoning, turning the Conan episode into a nearly hour-long instructional video on airplane piloting. Nowhere near as impressive as the previous one. Also, does the so-called silver wing refer to KID or passenger plane? Not to mention the possibility that two ordinary weak-bodied women could suddenly turn out to be good pilots in a situation of personality explosion… If all this makes sense, then the 1,000 + hours of training required of an airline pilot is P!

Reasoning is not science fiction, let alone fantasy. So, we can ignore the premise that adults shrink their bones, we can ignore the KID’s flying regardless of gravity, and we can even ignore the detective every time he plays dead to solve the case (this time it’s his wife!). But can’t ignore the special effects to make up for the plot of the shrinking goods.

Otherwise, it really is up to retards to save the world.

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