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Detective Conan: The Assassin in the pupil:Because I like you, more than anyone else in the world

Speaking of which, I have no interest in detective material at all, but rather love stories in the special context of crime. Therefore, Sherlock Holmes likes A Study in Scarlet and the Uncanny Valley (both of which are not complicated cases but have twists and turns in the story). I like Conan because I like the love between LAN and Shinichi. “The Assassin in the Pupil” can be said to be the most descriptive of their feelings so far, although when it comes to the tear-jerking effect is not as strong as “Detonating Skyscraper”, but I feel a little more moved, although never cry.

The subject in mainland China and Korean dramas are actually rotting away – amnesia = = | | but it didn’t Korean dramas so repetitive, nothing too big twists and turns, temporary amnesia, soon recovered, so more touching and does not appear white elephants. Personally, I think the most moving part of the whole film is not the part where Conan confesses his love to LAN, but a very humble dialogue:

LAN: “Conan, what do you know about Shinichi Kudos?”

Conan: “I think… He’s the kind of person who always puts you first and doesn’t know how to show it…”

Shinichi really knows herself. Yes, that is the most accurate evaluation of me.

After watching several episodes of Shinichi and LAN together, I think they are not romantic at all, which is not like a couple. Shinichi in high school did not look much serious (except when solving crimes), and his expression was always very cute, and I never heard him say any dirty words. Every time when he was with LAN, it was like “Holmes said.” “There’s a passage in Holmes…”… I hardly feel his love, and sometimes I think he is an inconsiderate, workaholic boy who doesn’t care about his family. But love is not what sweet words ah, there are only two times to see the truth — one is details, the other is dangerous moments.

Details,”Detonate skyscraper” LAN said to new one on the phone: “New one, I want to buy a gift for you, what color does you like most?” The new lazy answer “red” LAN happy said: “I guess you will like red, too well!” Xinyi on the other end of the phone smiled and thought to himself: Fool, because red is your favorite color.

There are more dangerous times, for such a brave to the point that I think reckless detective, otherwise dangerous is impossible (for example, the building is about to blow up, you still slowly in the hall to the prisoners to tell his criminal methods, really urgent ~~~ ~ I ~~ have something to say out ah!!) The new protection LAN can be said to be a bit irrational, LAN was pushed to the subway track, everyone was stunned, and Conan did not want to follow the jump. (Although I really doubt the truth of this plot, even if you react fast, the subway is not so slow, do not imitate children…) Sometimes it’s purely subconscious. When the prisoner’s gun is pointed at the two of them, Conan’s first instinct is to throw his pathetic skinny arms in front of LAN’s face, even though it’s completely useless. “Detonate skyscraper”, in the time bomb left the last three minutes of the moment, the new one across the door to LAN said a paragraph let me cry to death: “Ha ~ cut it, cut you like the color. We’re going to die anyway… We’ll be together when we die…”

The so-called love, the so-called responsibility, to this part is enough. If you can’t protect them, you will happily choose to face death with each other, even if you could have survived. Just because this world, you found such a person, tell yourself, I love her more than anyone else on the earth.

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