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Detective Conan: Intrigue on the Horizontal:A plot from 15 years ago

It begins with a story from 15 years ago, a story similar to that of the Titanic, only one was an accident, and one was a man-made accident. The main story also takes place on the ship, only this time there is no iceberg, there is no accident, there is only revenge, from 15 years ago has not dissipated hatred.And this story surprised me the most is actually Maori small gore uncle, has been Maori small Gore give us the feeling is “sleeping small Gore”, is actually a detective who does not reason, has been relying on Conan to help him solve the case, but this time is impressive. But small five Lang uncles said he is to want to prove and Jingle aunt similar Quoi beauty booze innocent, will keep looking for her innocent evidence, but finally have to know more and more clearly that she is the murderer. In fact, at that time, I also wondered if Uncle Koror usually doesn’t care about those people and things is why he can’t solve the case, but maybe because he cares, so the outburst.

In addition to the excellent performance of Uncle Ngoro, I also saw the warm memories, the answer about blushing, no matter the new one or the smaller Conan replied that because of the sunset, he would blush; I do not know why I always feel that this memory is warm, full of warm feeling. What’s more, Shinichi and Conan can find Xiao LAN hidden in the place where others can’t find, always feel that this is also a unique, a unique belong to Shinichi and Xiao LAN.

The last thing that makes people feel warm is the shell bracelet. In fact, Xiao LAN and Conan will encounter danger in the end because of this bracelet, but Conan can be saved safely because of this bracelet, so it is also a kind of fate.

Okay, I’ll admit I was moved by the final scene, where Conan escapes with a shell bracelet. Save his nature is Xiao LAN, in a comatose state, suddenly awake. This is probably because of the power of love. Conan is upset that LAN is in danger and does not want to get into a lifeboat. Xiao LAN wakes up quickly because Conan is in danger.

There are too many outstanding people in this set, the young detective Corps and Maori small Gore uncle are too brilliant, the toilet time is just a pack of jokes, and finally small Gore’s own reasoning makes me think he is a detective potential, because he found the truth earlier than Conan.

Okay, so there’s a plot overlap with the Titanic, but if it’s a plagiarism, it’s far from enough. Friendship is still precious, Xiao a for the young detective group mind, determined to go back to the cabin to take shell bracelet. Ai joins a group of boys in a game of hide-and-seek, and so on. Love is also some, Xiao LAN only one question, whether Conan is a new, in the sunset, the red face is because of shyness or light refraction. Small sorrow is also lonely, the hurried back Conan, and concerned about the case at the same time also pay attention to the safety of Xiaolan’s every move. One minute can find Xiao Nan Conan, you and Xiao Nan that telepathy for what, I crazy.

The final plot some routine, two people are actually in order to avenge their parents and went on the road to revenge, fortunately the final outcome finally had a little fall, and the so-called even small five Lang can see the case or put me in the dark.

Because I don’t know if the president got stabbed, Ha. It’s definitely colder than Dr. Agassi’s bad jokes!

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