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Detective Conan: The magician of the end of the century:Let it always be a mystery

In fact, as a fan of Conan for many years, this theatrical version is unlikely to be the first time to see Conan. The reason for the title is that I went to the China Film Archive today to see the film version of the replay, and I saw Conan on the big screen for the first time. (Synchronous introduction of the one missed did not see)When I was following Conan, I watched the TV version first, and by the time I found the theater version, there were already several pieces piled up, so I saw the theater version in a chaotic order, so that now I can never remember the order of the first few Conan theater versions. But can remember is, “the end of the century magician”, “Baker Street Dead”, “Labyrinth of the cross road” these three theatrical version of the most exciting me, and is the countdown to the Kingdom of Heaven inside the Queen Lin Yuan that countdown, full of tension, is still a deep memory of the fragment.

For me, The Cross Road of the Labyrinth is a watershed, including this and the previous theatrical versions, no matter in terms of box office or word-of-mouth, have unusual significance for me. Every time I look at it, I am filled with emotions. After this, the theatrical version has added a bit of modern flavor, with clear pictures, beautiful characters and enhanced special effects. Look at the time but cannot find back to the moved, maybe some things, after the time is really no way.

He went to the China Film Archive specially to see the theatrical version with the theme of “memories”. From the film’s opening scene, you can hear the intermittent discussion, “Who’s the killer again? It’s been too long to remember…” “I was so excited when I saw those ten years ago.” “, “Yamaguchi Katsuhei’s voice is so beautiful! It was a nostalgic scene for many fans.

This was the first Conan version to feature Kidd, and it did more than double the box office of the last one. Since then, Kiddsama has been released, and it has worked well. Generally speaking, the script of this theatrical version is reasonable, the reasoning design is also good, and the overall detail loopholes are acceptable. It is not surprising that everyone thinks it is worth seeing again in the theater version. After all, everyone actually came to see the memories, although some of the scenes have forgotten, but see Conan, Jib and Kidd active on the big screen, the moving back immediately. Plot to two eggs nested well, the light of the flashlight illuminates the interior, overflow from the top, at the same time sounded the song “I’ll Be There”, the first time to see the shock feeling hit again, classic picture ah.

The last time was at home, in front of the computer screen alone to watch the theater version, this time can see again in the cinema, is really lucky, really good movies or to come to the cinema, and at home to see the feeling is completely different. A lot of scenes more than the cinema seat with good comments, the appeal are really doubled. When Ping Jib led Conan to chase Kidd, a truck rushed out and knocked Ping Jib’s motorcycle to the ground. When Ping Jib asked Conan to continue to chase him, Conan stared at Ping Jib and called his name. The scene immediately laughed, and he kept hearing words like “gay love”. And Green orchid said Suzuki garden Chinese pronunciation when the audience laughed; it seems that the Japanese really cannot master the Chinese pronunciation.

Although this is a favorite, but there is a little doubt, from the time I saw it began to bother me, it should be a bug, is the organ of the photometer, but when the design should have no flashlight this kind of thing, then how to use these organs, with a flashlight when the double-headed eagle organ did not trigger, when the light only gathered to the sun organ to trigger, at that time, At that height, it’s hard to do this without a flashlight. Not to mention the two eggs part, which would be ruined if you used candles or kerosene lamps or something, and the booth was designed entirely in the shape of a flashlight, which… (In fact, if you think carefully about the light meter in the wall, this setting itself is hard to imagine, animation this thing is really not serious ah).

But even with these hard problems, it still does not prevent people from loving it. When the film ended and the final song began to be recorded, a few audience members began to leave. I secretly thought in my heart that those who remained were the loyal ones, and I wondered if there would be any exciting content after the final song. Sure enough, most people stayed and watched the whole movie, and there was even a small round of applause when it was over. Now, the theatrical version, along with the small applause, has become a fond memory.Thank you, Cronje.

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