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Detective Conan: Zero’s enforcer:Did you really get it

I saw the commercial for the theater version on TV today. Truth vs. Justice True to Conan’s most famous line, he was always after the truth. For detectives, truth is the justice they seek. I don’t see a problem with that.But to be born as a social person, everyone will face a problem, that is, position. This is where the main conflict centers in this theatrical version. Before that, I had no idea about the relationship between the police and the procuratorial police. After watching the movie, I just felt like this. So to put it in plain English, as you know, like the famous point of ancient Beauty, when the client says it’s true, it’s true. Whether it is true or not is not important. Because justice for lawyers is justice for clients

When I watched LH at school, I always said to myself, “What’s so hard about this? We are adults now, and we are doing what we are doing.” Until I graduated and worked as a corporate attorney,Because my responsibilities do not touch the criminal proceedings, usually will not test my sense of justice. The first time I felt the gap was about half a year after I joined the company. When they arranged me to understand all the work contents of legal affairs, I saw the first live personal injury case.

That day I doubted for the first time what I had believed for 10 years as a law student. In simple terms, employees are claiming work-related injuries, and the company denies wrongdoing. The pleadings in each case are ugly human, and will not be detailed. My boss asked me to find the main points of the NTH defense and list the other side’s claims to find a breakthrough. But so much material and evidence suggests that this is a case of the company being the dominant party trying to evade responsibility for reducing the amount of claims.

As a company man, I have to do it. I have to do it. My reason knows, but at the same time there is a voice in my heart, this is really right. Is this really the justice I’ve always believed in?

I think I can be very rigid sometimes. Asking me to do something that I don’t approve of is worse than anything. But sometimes I wish I could stay so rigid. At least that means I still have justice in me.

Is the justice of Mauro the justice of public security? Actually, I don’t think so. Like when Conan later teased him and asked him if he had a lover, he said, “My lover is this country.” (At the time, I thought the man was definitely not popular, as long as he was not a safe house. Serious face),From the time he got Uncle Gore involved to get the prosecution to drop the case, it was all just to draw the police’s attention to the real danger. His justice does not change because of his position. It is an impersonal and impersonal thing that wants to keep Japan safe. For this belief, he can lie at will, can become a demon, and can become a hero.

Justice is a very abstract thing; it is understood by different people. Unlike the truth, it is not absolute. I think the criminals (won’t reveal the plot) are just trying to protect what they have always believed, which is that the methods are too extreme, the technology is too advanced, and the fundamental reason is that they have a different sense of justice.

Conan yells, is it okay for someone to die for justice?

I think the answer, needless to say, is yes. But for the sake of justice in your heart, do not involve unrelated people to die for you. Your justice is up to you. No one is right or wrong in their own world, but at the same time, no one has the right to control the life and death of others.

As an aside, technological advances have made the lives of people other than Conan more vulnerable.

It sounds grand and grand, but not many people can do it, or have the job or ability to do it. But even if it does not rise to the height of this great righteousness, not legal workers, everyone in the heart of justice is actually everywhere. Every decision you make, every choice you make, is about choosing what you think is important, what you think is better, what you think is right.

The lyrics of the theme song, which Fukuyama wrote for the theatrical version, go like this. There is only one truth, but justice is as numerous as tears. There are no absolute good and evil, and there are no right answers. To protect you, I know it’s impossible to hurt some people. But even as a demon, I still want to protect you.

When Mauro jokes about trying to save Conan, he says that the power of love is great.

So are you.

My LINE signature has always been that I want to exist as a partner in justice at all times. But when people ask me what justice is, I always answer, stand up for what I believe; stand up for what I think is right, even against everyone, even against me. It has nothing to do with whether I study law or not. But I believe my justice can make a positive difference, or change things.

Maybe I don’t have enough setbacks to keep talking nice. But if you can always adhere to the beautiful words of life, I think that is really powerful. It’s much easier to give up. After all, life is not a cartoon. No one can really drive 180 yards and climb the wrong side of a railroad track. Let off steam when frustrated, come back to continue to smile and say I’m okay.

Some might say I’m idealistic and naive. It may also be said that watching a cartoon is so boring to write so much about it. From the very beginning of writing film reviews on Doosan, I never sought everyone’s approval. But the theatrical version has been praised since its release as Conan for grown-ups. I think there must be someone who understands.

People who believe are the most powerful. Although the human body is made of water, it has a core, which can make it strong.

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