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Detective Conan: The cyanotic Coffin:I only want to give you my back

When I saw the ship floating on the surface and the Jolly Roger flying in the wind, I was like, “Oh, no, the fabric hasn’t rotted in hundreds of years? Moments later, the ship crashed to pieces. The classmates who watched the film said that you really knew what was going on.This film has been out for so long that I didn’t finish it with my classmates until today. Although I was able to follow the school’s FTP resources from the first episode to the current 490 episodes on Catch-up TV, I was far less enthusiastic on Catch-up TV. Back in the days before the Internet (or my skills were too bad), the only way to see the theatrical version was through pirated VCDS in the store, which had to be changed halfway through, and every now and then the subtitles didn’t match the sound.

But it held up then. The first five were followed one by one until I saw stars in my eyes. And then there’s the Dead of Baker Street, part six. I know a lot of people think highly of the film, but I lost faith in the theatrical version. At that time, since the number of this reasoning school (now it seems that the front must add false words) I was depressed about the poor reasoning in the film to the point of almost criticizing. So it was put on hold for a long time, and did not see the crossroads of the maze at the first time. In fact, the seventh is the best of the last five. I always think so. I don’t comment on the other ones — to tell you the truth, I’ve watched them, but I’ve almost forgotten them.

And then there’s the eleventh.

Although I saw all kinds of bad comments before, I was still full of confidence to go down, while looking at the side to find yourself a variety of jokes: Yuan too expression is really changeable ah, step beauty cute degree and improve ah, small sad clothes are so beautiful ah, the hotel’s “beautiful lady” is really cute ah, the island patrol is really poor ah……

I was actually pretty confident when I saw him walk out the door. (Even though Conan had come up with a sniper rifle… Did the previous sniping tell you the shooter wasn’t good enough? That scene was actually the one that touched me the most — the one where the director showed Ai running out the door. Although aware of the danger, Ai still believes that Conan can return safely. So she left first to show Conan his back, which is a kind of faith and support.

And then there’s the climax. The actions of those two treasure hunters were unprofessional. There are many better ways to seize treasure than taking hostages — especially when you have a karate master. They taught us the same bloody lesson that all bosses do: Don’t be too verbose when it comes to the final trump card. (Though I don’t see any reason why they had to kill the hostages, theft and murder are very different crimes.) Then I wonder how hard it is to be the girlfriend of a detective (and how hard it is to be her friend), how hard it is to be the girlfriend of a detective, how hard it is to be the girlfriend of a detective, how hard it is to be the girlfriend of a detective, how hard it is to be the girlfriend of a detective, how hard it is to be the girlfriend of a detective, how hard it is to be the girlfriend of a detective, how hard it is to be the girlfriend of a detective. The most moving pictures of the orchid and the garden back to back can only make people feel — so it is. With Ann and Mary rising from behind, I don’t know why it feels like they’re going to fit…

In fact, do not pursue the film of all kinds of loopholes, it wants to tell just trust, just always choose to give back to each other. When I first heard the story, what I intuitively thought of was the Cowboy BEBOP scene — the young Spike and his friend (later the villain) fighting in a barrage of bullets, the two of them standing back to back, smiling at each other, and then continuing to fight. In the warm and harmonious modern society, this has been simplified into a kind of trust — no swords and bullets, but can rely on you for my weakness.

So we smile as Ai and Conan interact, LAN and Shinichi miss, and garden’s chattering but absolutely loyal friendship. Throw away all the glitz this story just wants to say, there is such a warm connection between people.

In fact, we with Conan, how different,

Although we can vent our anger every time because of dissatisfaction and criticism, the people who really love Conan don’t give up. There is a discussion on Bi about “which episode to drop Conan from”. Yes, for a lot of people, Conan is just a theatrical version of a childhood memory of something they once enjoyed and then gave up on. Although it still feels — oh, it was beautiful, but it’s been taken away by the long plot.

However, I chose to keep giving my back to my partner.

At this point it is almost illusory to believe that the next theatrical version will be better. What can anyone guarantee in these impetuous times? As long as Conan is still a money-making brand, the producers can only pursue selling points and put quality aside. Capitalist production demands quantity rather than quality, and those heart-warming things are, after all, selling points, some of which are well orchestrated and some of which are not.

That’s not what we wanted.

We want to see the reunion of Shinichi and LAN, want to see Ai get happiness, want to see the “husband and wife crosstalk” of Piggy and Heyse, want to see Sato Mulberry and Takagi Jun’s wedding, want to see uncle and princess lawyer sweet quarrel…… After all, want vulgar white eyes, but everyone Happy Ending.

In anticipation of this, we waited — just as Ann waited for Mary, who might never come.

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