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Detective Conan: The Undead of Baker Street:While you’re out there, I hope you can show everyone that life is more than a game.

“The Dead of Baker Street” is a classic tribute to Conan Theatre, following “The Magician of the End of the Century” after another peak. No matter the story, characterization, scene setting are quite a lot of commendable points, compared to the theater version after a few years, cannot help but sigh – only this level of theater version is worth us a year to look forward to ah!Around the attack on the patrimonial system, the story revolves around two “undead” bosses to overcome — Thomas Schindler, the real-life “Jack the Ripper” undead, and Noah’s Ark, the “Cocoon” game controller (Hiroki Sawada’s undead). Given that the serial killings of M2 and the magical puzzle solving of M3 are already familiar scenes to the audience, it is not generally difficult to come up with story ideas.

However, M6 can break the convention, turn the stage to London in the 19th century, confiscate Conan’s high-tech weapons, and allow the audience to go on a retro searching trip with him, which will not only be a breath of fresh air to many fans. And I love it. As a descendant of the physical evidence school of reasoning, Conan enters the game sometimes without even reasoning, relying on the original knowledge to make a guess, go to 221B Baker Street to search Holmes’ crime files, Moran caught cheating in the bridge club, the song Irene Adler will be involved, and finally the Reichenbach Falls, oh, This last one is by Xiao LAN. Of course, the sign-counting monkey, Moriarty’s cologne and the much-mocked Firefox are purely screenwriters’ imaginations. Also, the club where Colonel Moran plays cards should be Cavendish, not Trump.

In terms of characters, Sawada Hiroki and Thomas Schindler complain of rigid traditions from both the upper and the lower levels of society. For the upper levels of society, hereditary creation can be as serious as waste (those who enter the game Shouting “Help!” “They are not the children who are going to be their fathers’ children”), and for the lower levels of society, it can be as serious as unhealthy personality (the stars). In turn, the doctrine of blood brought unnecessary pressure and, in the case of Thomas Schindler, led to tragedy. However, in the Conan series, characters with distorted personalities such as Thomas Schindler are so versatile that the cause of the theme is easily ignored, and Hiroki Sawada is popular because he is typical of a young man of the new century.

The story and the characters were well done, and the production didn’t slow down. In addition to recreating the scenes of 19th century London (by the way, not only the scenes, but also the NPCS are British!) “Cocoon” is a masterful game. What’s the best thing you can say about a game? I think it should be the players are eager to try the mood. As the fifty cocoons sink one by one and rise together at the end, it can be expected that every audience’s mood has experienced twists and turns. This design is a wonderful visual stroke to visualize the progress of the whole game.

From a Holmes fan’s point of view, perhaps there is too little “in the game”. The four cases involved are A Scandal in Bohemia, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Empty House and The Last Problem, but if you were to make a game like this, it would be too simple to just walk the crime scene — Baker Street — the club — Whitechapel — the theatre — the train. This may be partly due to space constraints and partly due to the need to cater for an audience that doesn’t know anything about Holmes, but given the current two-to-three-hour film length, there is plenty of room for the 100-minute theatrical version, which is a pity for many fans.

Of course, as far as the subject is concerned, the people of China have an even greater regret, which is believed to be felt by the audience from the moment Hachure makes fun of the hereditary system.

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