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Aori exorcist:Do not hesitate to decide what is good in your heart

See animation to the 8th set, comics after 25 words, heart itching to say a few words. This is said to be in the masses of YY integration of religion, magic, campus, blood in a body, sometimes GL and BL the April new, let me excited about a guess, is not how to achieve his exorcism division dream, how to hurt Satan, but – brother duel scene will grand stage? I always thought that if we followed the right path, the dream of revenge and so on would be too bland, but if the original writer and the TV production team were ruthless enough, with a stroke of the pen, we could actually create a brotherly heart attack climax.

So, who will be demonized? Personally, I think there’s a 99% chance it’ll fall on Snowman. In other words, I never worried about this cute creature Au can Berlin, he is nerve is a little big, careless character, easy to get excited, moody on the face, but he is always honest and kinder, vigilante baby. Except for a moment of confusion before his death, the priest mostly kept his wits about him and knew what he was doing and where he was going. On the third brother pk, he said, “Don’t point the gun at your brother. We’re not brothers! I will not be brothers against brothers!” When he was challenged to go down and touch the frog, he made a worrying joke and then rebuffed him, knowing that it was not the time to be brave and to save his life.

It was not easy for a man with such clarity of mind, and who from the very beginning was aware of his awkward status as a demonic bastard, to take a more sinister course. Good people mostly have an intuition that they can pick up a “right” or “wrong” judgment at the moment something happens, even if they can’t say on what basis. I thought he was one of those people, born with a sense of right and wrong, and open, uncalculating, unguarded — which, of course, might be a weakness for him in the future, to be exploited by his enemies.

In contrast, snow male, the situation is like the other side of the mirror: the eyes of ordinary people good children, good students, gentle mellow good brother, quietly trained into the history of the youngest exorcist, fast and ruthless shooting, fighting strength, by many female students admiration and pursuit. However, behind the glossy image, he never forgot his weak and crying childhood. That dark history, which was mocked as a coward, drove into him like a nail, and no amount of coating could hide it. He studied hard, reinvented himself, although there is the original intention of “to protect his brother”, but absolutely not their own want to strengthen want to turn over the internal power, this type of abdominal black, in fact, more dangerous. When everything is hidden in the heart, depressed for too long, is the most easy to go astray.

So, back to the prologue:

“This world has two dimensions, like two sides of a mirror, on one side is the physical realm we live in, and on the other side is the virtual infinity inhabited by demons. Originally, the two sides were parallel to each other, but the devil interfered by relying on everything on our side of the world. A person with a bad heart is a good candidate for evil, and it is the job of an exorcist to protect people from evil.”

The demonic possession implied here, at first I thought it was the priest, but now I want to take it a step further, and of course save the finale for last. Olympic village two brothers, a physical inheritance of the power of the devil, a spirit with the potential to be attached to the devil, the Gemini on the decision will spark. Of course, no matter how fierce the plot, I believe that the ending will be happy, the reason is, if even the two dimensional country cannot achieve the ideal of good and evil, the world is really bad.

Added after the 10th observation

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the brothers have very distinct differences in how they deal with demons.

Snow man as an ordinary human, to the identity of the exorcist to face the devil, the first thought is how to knock it down.

Berlin will be the first to find the emotional breakthrough in the face of demons, which is especially prominent when dealing with small kitchen demon and small black cat.

So, one uses live ammunition, the other uses mouth guns, the one is eager to destroy the devil, the other hopes to persuade and influence him first.

And whether or not because he is the devil, to be more able to understand the feelings of the devil, but Au village berlin seems to have a kind of untrained in this respect, in the recovery of black said the same as the priest, this comes from his good in the bone and faith in the nature of all things good, in the understanding of the duties of the exorcist he is completely in place (do not want to reveal the plot, I won’t give you an example), which is one of the reasons I think he won’t go astray.

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