Love Movie

Big fish and begonia:If you don’t live happily, what’s the use of living longer

At first, I thought it was a bad movie in 3d, but I put up with itBar mitzvah turned into a fish in the ocean for seven daysI put up with it to save your lifeI still put up with it, because this kind of behavior of young men and girls I can understand as loveSome words or quite reasonable, do wrong things cannot make up, not you want to be able to, after all, she and the old lady exchange zero has told her.A Virgin white lotus to save a dead human, not to say that the dead human into a fish, and fish dead soul on the ashes! She can’t let me have a good reincarnation why want to return my life, hurt men two dead home to become a flood, and the plot of the flood said to subside on the subside, she cannot eat a lesson, she did not die! No harm! And I feel so right! And become human and go out into the real world with a man.

Why is seawater back pouring not female master silly? She doesn’t know why? It’s still there, Kun, Kun! Kun what?

Tell me all about it! Male two is only 17 years old how much love she ah, what love or not! What night I didn’t hug you? I was embarrassed! The idea that you’re right to do something because you love it is so ugly!

A broken fish flying, turn left 3 circles right 3 circles still do not fly! It can’t fly away when the dew is on, and it can’t go away when it’s out! You have time, right?!

This is not Qigong Yao’s novel adapted into an animation to force me to make up a fairy tale!

Tying evildoers love her, she die others die for her, green tea bitch ah white lotus flower!

And I’m not black for black’s sake, I was at the premiere! You know what? Eggs are the fishiest!

A very long comment criticized me for not seeing what the author said, the author is the creator, but seeing what the audience said, his characters did not have a particularly good character description, such as why the heroine is sad and bitter every day and rebellious to her parents without any reason, and it is very unpleasant to make up a person’s personality without any reason. I certainly have every right not to like this character. Her inexplicable hostility to the two men is not willing to reason not to use each other when needed, whether she is intentional or not, two men always because love she gave him the courage to violate these. The name of the villagers the purpose of their existence is not described by the author. I think the dolphin will change people to see everything in the world, even if not into people is not only to see the scene in the animation, should be the joys and sorrows of life and death of people angry sad, they return to the purpose of the dolphins to the village the author did not say ah, rather than with the river to see the light to see the water to see the beauty. It is right to save people, but we should follow everything. Even if we want to save people, we should not involve innocent people or others. At least the author did not turn her into an independent girl. The author is to let me see the heroine has been unrepentant to do what she wants to do, rather than he said what story is what story, this is not what the author said, I did not see the family and each person’s unique character, only to see the author weaving self-righteous touching stories. I’m not black for black’s sake, but I’m not paying you to make you more disgusting to make people sick, I’m paying you to make you better.

Think good-looking people don’t comment I don’t listen. The cursers can eat shit. My criticism is that the story is not rich enough and has no outline. Today’s comments are still saying that people who don’t like it can die, patchwork clothing of various dynasties, history women let men become the name? Not a joke? You see what looks good and I don’t and you won’t let me talk about it?

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