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Sweet house cat:Cute cure kittens and puppies

It seems that I was not very fond of small pets like cats and dogs before, and I would be frightened to see some people with big dogs out for a walk. But somewhere along the line, my taste changed.I guess one day I realized that the world is not just for humans. Because human civilization has been highly developed and occupied the space of other natural creatures, so we are born to think that this world is human, because many of us cannot get along with other animals, including dogs and cats.

So it’s understandable if people don’t like animals. Well, when did I start liking kittens? I think it started with TDRD’s famous cat cow.

Carney, of TDRD BBS, picked up a baby cat and secretly raised it in a college boys’ dormitory. In fact, if this theme is drawn into a cartoon must also be very interesting ~ you can imagine always white, some natural dull eyes of the cat, in the boys’ dormitory dirty socks pile, hundreds of years of not standing in the bubble basin leisurely shuttle, sometimes standing in the iron fence window of the broken red brick building looking over the railing

Because cats are not allowed in the dormitory, Carney sometimes smuggles it in a box. It is said that once a cow refused to protest into the box, so Carney held down its limbs and patted it on the head like a child. Then the room was full of cattle screaming ~meow who ~ meow who ~ meow ~ who ~

After finishing, the cow coax actually tears babe looked at Carney, back several steps. Finally kneaded into Carney’s schoolbag, obediently hid in… Then quietly walk by the dormitory management aunt’s side.Very civilized

There are also lots of fat cats in sufe, especially around the canteen. There is one of the fattest is very cute ~ there is a gray green eyes, will use the pitiful eyes to look at you – the hand of food.

I was amazed to see him once pick at a biscuit a boy gave him with his PAWS and then eat it khaki… Licking the crumbs from his mouth… Ah, that was the first time I knew that cats eat cookies

Sometimes I’d come out of the canteen with a sausage or grilled fish, and after a bit of wiggling around, the cat would appear at my feet and look up at me like a queen, “What are you doing? You’re not feeding the queen!” So I always embarrassed face squatting down to feed the cat. She always first licks good taste, and then bite in a mouthful ~ slow special noble, more elegant than I eat ah!

It has a small pearl like white rice teeth, pink tender tongue ~ although it raised some fat, but I think, in the cat world, must not be thin for beauty ~

Love you, my queen Pussycat. Next time don’t step on my sneakers with your soft claws… If you want to step on, trouble step out of an elegant shape plum blossom print ah!

There are only 104 episodes of Sweet House Cats, and each episode is only three minutes long. You know, it’s not supposed to end like this. In a cold night nest warm de after reading “sweet House Cat” A person hiding in bed stealing music, and then downloaded the theme song as ringtone, has not changed the ringtone until now. Oh, I got the idea. This cat is so cute. Like her after drinking the milk miso to lie on the ground and shout with satisfaction: full ~~ I believe that no one can resist her temptation. Ho ~~ The night will be a small story to watch again, no matter how many times will not feel tired. I really want to go crazy and tell the world, go to see Xiao Qi, she is super cute, and I love her to death! Oh, the act of a madman. I always think of the ending like this, when the housekeeper saw Xiao Qi, she also took the way of Xiao Qi, and then the apartment no pets rule was abolished, Xiao Qi and big black play together every day. Ha, but that’s just my imagination.

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