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Ruban III vs. Detective Conan:Two dimensions from a wonderful collision

Recently, I watched this film again while reviewing the series of Laban III.It’s a question that baffles many Conan fans, but is easy for fans of Luzon to answer.The key to the answer is that when Conan and Fujiko first meet, Conan is far more than a child should be, able to accurately judge Fujiko’s direction of action (and this is witnessed by Fujiko, rather than “accidentally” ignored and then lied to by Conan like so many characters on Conan.

No matter what kind of opponent (that is, including “children”), she will find out the details of the opponent, so after seeing Conan’s excellent combat ability, she will certainly not to collect information, so that Conan’s identity is only a matter of time (in fact, even in the Conan story, There are also characters as sensitive and intuitive as Fujiko, such as Heidi.

Conan also made two “mistakes”, one was to show human reasoning ability in front of the dimension (judging from the words of Laban at the end, the dimension cared about Conan very much, but he was very calm did not show it), the other was when buying soda, Conan again mouth, “IQ 300” Laban will not be indifferent to a child who cares about guns.

Of course, Laban, like Kidd, knows Conan’s identity but will not be part of Conan’s main storyline, at most making a cameo appearance. Unless… One day Aoyama and MP were both mentally burned out, and they simply merged the two world views…

Now that we are done, let’s move on to the vice…

My earliest exposure to Ruben III was the Green Jacket series, not the red jacket as it is now known. It also predates Detective Conan. I played the game of the same name on FC.

When SP came out in 2009, I could say I expected it more than a lot of people, partly because Ruban was part of my childhood, and Conan was still a part of my life, so I had a reason to watch it from every Angle.

Of course, like many people, after reading disappointed. A strange thief a detective, how to say also have to friction out of some sparks, and the result in the end even the lighter of the spark is not. Perhaps in order to take care of the fans of both sides, cooperation is more than confrontation. Of course, cooperation is also possible. In both Laban and Conan, you can find excellent cases of cops and thieves (Money + Laban, Conan + Kidd) working together and the narrative skills in this area are obviously not ideal.

The two main characters, Laban and Conan, have very little interaction, with the two main lines going their separate ways, only vaguely connected at the end through the character of Princess Mira.

The actual number one protagonist of this film is Princess Mira, who not only plays many roles, but also the central character. Luzon and Conan are only dead walk-on roles, their roles are less important than Furze and Xiao LAN, and the two heroines obviously have more interaction and connection with Mira than the two men.

So it should have been called Three Women in One Play.

If these two characters were originally from the same work, then this episode of SP could not be worse, with many of the characters appearing weak.

If Conan fans were OK with the absence of Ai Hakuwara and Uma, there’s plenty for Laban fans to be OK with. Watching “Laban III” the greatest pleasure is nothing more than four points: Laban’s cunning, the dimension of the sword, five Wei men, and the cunning of the second son. (Sometimes, of course, to this is added the looming friendship between Sergeant Money and the Ruban.)

However, the final shot of this film is given: the gun skills of the dimension is missing, the knife skills of Wowed men are just a walk-on, Laban’s name as a thief is not enough, only the two children are given the maximum restoration in the drama.

Of course, if they wanted to make “Reuben III vs. Detective Conan” into a series, it would be possible for the “Episode 1” film to do this. It would be a reintroduction of the two characters, and the plot at the end of the film hints that the two will meet again one day, but now, three years later, there is no “Episode 2.”

But judging by his subsequent cameo appearances on Conan, the possibility of a second collaboration is still on the cards. Just don’t keep people waiting too long…

PS: Although Uncle Maori is not the number one protagonist, but the voice actor Akira Tamiya is undoubtedly the most stressful one in the CV, which is even more obvious in this film, one person plays the triangle.

Attached: Those who currently know Conan’s true identity

One: Clarify what you already know

1. Dr. Agassi

2. Mr. and Mrs. Kudos

3. Hattori Hawaii

4. Kidd (Animated Version)

5. Ai Hakuwara (Shapiro Milano)

6. Belford

7. Educe Hondo

8. The party of Ruben III

Who, though known, is dead?

1. Akemi Milano (Ai Hakuwara sister)

2. Noah s Ark (Hiroki Sawada)

3. Irish (Member of the Black Group)

Three: may know

1. Judy

2. Sochi Akai

3. Yoshi Mayumi

4. Water does not flow

Four: controversial

1. Takagi

2. Mikado Sato

3. ITO

4. White Horse Detective

5. Maori Kokoris

Finally, for those who don’t know the series, want to watch it, but think it’s too many and too long to know where to start, my advice is as follows.

There are currently four TV series of Laban, including the original Green Jacket series (all 23 episodes), the second Red Jacket series (all 155 episodes), the third Pink Jacket series (50 episodes), and the fourth series A Woman Named Mingy Fujiko (all 13 episodes).

Of all the series (both theatrical and SP), the first two are the most acclaimed TV series, of which the original “Green Jacket” only has 23 episodes, so it’s easy to find out. Don’t worry; it’s from the 70’s. The quality is much higher than the animation of the same period. So you can try this one first and decide if you want to continue.

“Green Jacket” has a profound influence on later works. Cowboy Bebop (Bounty Hunter) by Shinichiro Watanabe has obvious traces of imitation. But even the Reuben series itself rarely reproduces the style of the original.

There are six theatrical versions, all of which are of good quality. The second one, The City of Ariosto, is Miyazaki’s first animated film.

Since the early 1990s, “Laban” has been serialized once a year SP (each episode is between 90 and 110 minutes long), “Laban III VS Detective Conan” is the 21st episode of the series.

It should be noted that the green, Red and Pink series and SP are parallel stories, with many conflicts between each other’s plots and Settings, and even different characters. SP’s characters mainly correspond to Red Jacket. (Note: The “Red Jacket” series was the defining feature of Laban and the reference for many of its sequels. That’s why it’s a legitimate story for most Ruben fans.)

In recent years, there is a tendency to decline in the standard of SP series. However, there is no lack of wonderful works as a whole. In particular, there is one episode that cannot be missed, which is the 14th episode of SP series produced in 2002, Episode 0: The First Encounter.

You’ll know when you see the words “Episode 0,” which takes place at the beginning of the series.

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