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Detective Conan: Pure Black nightmare:A clash of forces

Before the release, many people said that the M20 would be fraudulent like the M5 and M13. Unfortunately, it didn’t! Basically all the classic plot points are put in the trailer, which is very honest ah, there are Key Ai holding hands, Qin wine interrogating traitors, executing traitors, flying a plane Tutu, except for Xiao LAN crying out where Xing Yi is (there is a change in this, Xiao LAN does look for Xing Yi, but there is no dog blood tears, it is praised). Division is a real division… Give credit to such an honest trailer!

From the invasion of the public security system in the opening scene to drag racing, this part has a particularly good sense of vision and rhythm, which is much higher than the epic sense of slow motion like the shit before Batman battles super. Different color pupil sister IQ online super praise, not only can play can also stage GTA, while don’t make chaos to drag amour and Akai, while viaduct retrograde shake off the tail, IQ all kinds of online. It happened that when I was in Japan, there was a three-lane road with a car going the wrong way for a long time. It’s like all kinds of 3-D movies, all kinds of explosions, all kinds of tumbles, all kinds of broken railings, and maybe the only difference is that it’s like a Hollywood movie and the people in the car are still jumping and screaming and running out.

Different color pupil sister this all kinds of praise, IQ online, line power burst the table, all kinds of jumping station railing like walking on the ground!! I was jumping through the window and I thought the next thing I knew, Kidd’s glider would be there, but it wasn’t! All kinds of great white legs proper! Although the plot of several plays with the detective team seems to be meaningless, but it is a kind of setting the stage for later, the mutiny is not out of the ordinary. Save Yuan too that part of the action is too handsome, the first time that bear children bear a little is also useful! Of course, only animation can show this effect, praise!

Xiao Key was wearing a suit and tie, and Xiao Ai was wearing a blue dress skirt and orange high heels. The beauty of the dress was also no one. It was impossible to understand what the official thought. In the first half of the amusement park, little Key Xiaobai is basically an old couple and there is no special plot of Key Ai. When little Ai suspects that the different color pupil is Rum, he specially calls little Key out to talk and is misunderstood. Conan was a little surprised at first, but immediately with a quiet smile, he told Ai “Don’t escape your fate” when the bus bombing, although the lines are different, but Xiao Key said that I will not escape my fate, here Xiao Key is particularly lovely and gentle!! Small sorrow although at that time sadly let go, but then demonstrated really worried about a person will have what kind of action – with glasses to find him, a person! This is really praised, the original similar plot appeared several times, the full moon is also, to find the plate warehouse Zhou that is also, small Ai every time worry Key will rush to find him, even if they may not be able to help, even if there will be danger – anyway, care about a person really not only lip service let alone a lot of people did not say, Although Xiao Ai generally acts as if to stay out of trouble, but when it comes to the people they care about, they immediately become dynamic. The organization of the plane to grab the doll machine clamp Ferris wheel cabin and throw down when the Ferris wheel is looking for Conan inside the small Ai was shocked and fell out, at this moment was saved by different color eye and recognized the identity of Sydney, but at this time the small AI actually does not trust the identity of different color eye so did not grasp her hand but questioned why to save her, I didn’t let her save me until I knew she was one of us. See this side of the different color pupil picked up the sorrow; over there show Toke tacit cooperation, really think now is selling a pair of lily a pair of base ah… Ai and Heterochromatic Eye are both organization traitors and all kinds of sympathies, and they run away together, but not for long Heterochromatic Eye said that they wanted to kill me. I lured them away, and Ai went to the detective group (although worried about Conan, she always realized what was more needed of her, praise). Finally, it was Ai who first knew that Heterochromatic Eye sacrificed to save them. Little daughter college and ground open at the top of a Ferris wheel excavator different color lenses far looked at each other, crushed in an instant the Ferris wheel excavator – love sister, love little cry…

The appearance of Xiao LAN and Xiao Gore is basically forced to add the drama, Xiao LAN did not meet with the core character of the film in the whole process (seeing the sister through the glass, the public security pulled the curtain), nor did she stay with the detective team for more than a few seconds (the meeting and the garden to the detective team for the privilege of riding the Ferris wheel, and then separated). We don’t see the detective teams playing with the different color sister scene — the people we see are Dr. Koi and Takas a Mei-mu. At the end of different color pupil sister sacrifice Xiao an and detective group also do not know… In this case, under the halo of her 73rd father, Xiao LAN said “touching words”. Sorry, most people don’t remember what those words were. However, Xiao LAN did not interact with the detective team and the sister with different colors during the whole process. Look at 73 interview said that this sentence 73 added was deleted, then 73 to add back to keep, but sure enough, it is better not to add? It’s almost as ridiculous as Conan saying “Thank you, LAN” even before the 20th anniversary SP. A lot of people cry at the sacrifice of Mooch sister, Key Ai’s feelings are equally complex – sorry, life in front of an innocuous words can’t play any role in relief, especially when this sentence from an outsider’s mouth. In this work, Xiao LAN will say thank you for bothering Xiao Gore to drive the detective team trio to the aquarium. There was never a similar scene in the original work, so I think the production team is not Lane. They tried to delete the superfluous words, but Xiao LAN had no black spots after deleting them.

Gin might have done a lot better than the original, all out of control. When Bay sister and Gin were on the phone earlier and the lights were on at night, I was like, “Are you guys still on business trips?” And there’s jet lag, but it turns out they are — Gin and Vodka are in Berlin. In Berlin gin and vodka two people in the river flanked an undercover, in the moment of the undercover to jump into the river to escape gin accurately shot through the heart, and then vodka confirmed the death of the other side of the work, compared to the original gin hit Ming beautiful stomach and said for a while before dying, put the new death did not know where to go professional! Solve the undercover gin vodka immediately back to Japan, interrogated Mauro through the night and water – to know that Berlin fly to Japan also take half a day!! This is just off the plane immediately began to work ah, love your job and dedication in addition to you are no one, not to fall jet lag take a vacation to start again!!! After hitting the plane, which was teetering with black smoke, Gin shouted to get out of the way for the pros! Began to open the plane Tutus, could you tell me you are Hawaii landing vocational school graduate?? Why so versatile! What is the disabled what is the dedication to work, see gin wine and think about work touch fish write film review myself cannot help but shed tears of shame…

I finally know why Touchy is so popular, because compared to the serious face of Sochi, Touchy often have a variety of childish performance, such as all kinds of dislike Sochi, and was saved by Sochi and fight with him to take care of Sochi’s mood? The car chase and fight effects are so much better than any other Hollywood teen crap and the martial arts instruction tips are 10,000 likes! Xiao LAN before all kinds of karate dodging bullets what good-looking and scientific much more! The trailer for the fight is pretty honest and basic, with all the wind at the top of the Ferris wheel — after his hat is blown off in a strong wind, he’s ready to kick it off and then he throws his clothes off. Show’s performance is so ordinary by comparison.

This time, it was very conscientious, and the 20th anniversary of the name, the Japanese people also very high evaluation, the first day of satisfaction was 96%. It can only be said that giving up inference and taking the blockbuster route is to the majority of the appetite. According to the survey results, 80%+ people said that the theatrical version should take the action line rather than the inference line, indicating that this mode audience is still very buy! After all, it is not as good to see reasoning at home to read this novel — don’t mention the original cartoon, now the original also has nothing to see reasoning, watch is a variety of CP emotional drama and red and black between various members of the family ethics love each other to kill, 73 also early to learn more province brain don’t study the modus operas.

Finally, I wish Conan a better year by year, the successful model of this year to continue, for another 10 years and 20 years!

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