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The King of Magic Bullets and the Warlords:A special kind of war

In October 2014, the new version of “The Magic Bullet King and the War Concubine” can be said to be a unique war drama. I am in the fleeting and see and line, the footprint gradually extended to open, cannot help but select it. So (although it started out as a light novel) the animation is the norm. I’m not a nerd, and I don’t want to get into details. Here is a casual chat about the story in “The Magic Bullet King and Warmed”, here is applause.

A previous fan said that “The Magic Bullet King and War Concubine” is a harem drama, with some meat scenes. Such a statement, the magic bullet king cannot defend, after all, there is a small porn screen. So there is nothing to do with it, who called those otaku and even the rotten women compatriots are good at this? This is a common problem in many comics, so make do with it. An animation, no matter these edges, or plot foreshadowing details, too fine also has no strength.

I at least know what is “your circle is really messy”, anime fans have a famous saying “serious you lose”, we all believe.

Going back to Magic Bullet, we can see from every aspect that the story is taken from medieval Europe. These ancient elements cannot help but make the story more mysterious and thick. Rarely has a cartoon taken so much time to describe combat formations and strategies that viewers have probably been taught. So how can these things be expressed and illustrated? The chess game, which the production team took great pains to explain, is something that came out of the war, and now it’s a wonderful comparison.

Can our respected middle school teachers learn from these methods?

So here comes the bright spot. The explanatory models are all three-dimensional. The use of 3D animation effects,Well, it looks like you’ve been working on it. So daydream, will we also see 3D Japanese animation in the future? The Kung Fu Panda guy,Or the Moon of Qin ,On this point, the Sun is lagging behind.

Put war on the chessboard, and it is nothing more than a game of house. The casualties of soldiers, therefore, are naturally regarded as a loss of combat power, and we seldom see the sad sight of a field full of dead bodies after a battle. Consciously or unconsciously, the author stands in the overlooking perspective, taking us to appreciate a grand picture of war. The passionate and magnificent opening song reminds me of the Greek hero’s story in Homer’s epic.

The strength of our hero grew in war. Each battle got bigger and bigger and bigger. One careless, ouch,The fledgling little Lord has become one of the three forces in the country. Is the animation moving a little fast? Or am I being a little slow?

The facts are out there, and I can’t make fun of them. According to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, the whole army is first, followed by the destruction of the army. Is so victorious, not the good of the good also; It is a good man who conquers the enemy without fighting. Even if our count Teglelwilmud Maroon (dear me, it’s hard to remember names that long in the entire world) hasn’t done that yet, he’s convinced by virtue.

His victories on the battlefield are not the main thing (of course, this is essential, because the game is about strength), but actually defeating the enemy and convincing him. Always by virtue of Lord Wagon’s personality, he was kind, honest, brave, steadfast, and possessed of great skill. Brunei internal treacherous ministers struggle for power in the era, such a young aristocrat is also the hope of the future, so, of course, become this savior.

Watching Japanese anime, the audience often envies or even envies the hero. No wonder. Look at yourself in the mirror and see what a dog you are. Everyone in the house is so happy. Lord Maroon, this is a winner in life. Young and promising, born as a noble; Territory-son, deeply loved by the people; He is as good as God in archery, but also mastered the power of magic bullets; There are so many kinds of love affairs and all kinds of beautiful girls like, there are so many loyal Allies, there are only so many remember the army. What is missing, the author Jun you can still in the ideal point?

Ah, a long sigh, low status, teasing powerless ah.

Magic bullet King and War, the animation of the heroine or use the wind sword of the white-haired witch (he, laugh at not strange), 7 girls in the hands of the guy is also 18 weapons have all the representatives of these powers. The main man is only archery, which also has a moral. My late father said: When you really know what to guard, pick up this bow. From awakening the power of the magic bullet to our hero growing up again and again, each time with some adversity and choices,The strength of the hero is derived from the faith of protecting the people, protecting justice and protecting dreams.

A final tease about the dragons reminded me of a story from the third century A.D. about Alexander the Great’s expedition to India. The Indians fought with the elephants, couldn’t stand each other for a long time, and withdrew. “Magic Bullet ~” in the dragon, is also such things as elephant, but more than once was killed by the war Jib, as a backup. After all is fate, want to think this is also very good.

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