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The War of the Ice Sea:A true warrior doesn’t need a sword

In my opinion, the greatest advantage and the most valuable point of the book is that it shows “real and complex human nature”. Many of the characters are very full, allowing the audience to have a strong sense of engagement. Sometimes, looking at, eyes unconsciously wet.A cry, for growthAt the beginning, very tired of this soft prince, more tired of the endless doting behind his teacher “Laguna”, From an outsider’s point of view, he looked like the Mammy at the queen’s side, who, through love and ignorance, took the prince deeper and deeper. And when the plot gradually unfolded, we know the prince in the environment: their own life is precarious, parents and brothers and other realities, also understand, not Laguna too spoil created the weak prince, but the weak prince does not want to face the real world, blindly in the name of “Laguna” dream escape. Laguna is dead, but the prince is not awake. It was not until the prince reached the end of the mountain and the river, with only one person by his side that he decided to walk out of the dream.

18 episodes, 5 minutes, Prince’s cry is touching

People to middle age, looking back on the past, parents, teachers, school, youth, friends, is not a dream we do not want to wake up? Out of the house, you gradually find that not everyone can be so tolerant of you. Out of the ivory tower, you gradually discover that learning is not an important metric, and many things are too complex to be quantified. Out of the youth, you gradually find that the dream may not come true; efforts do not necessarily have results…

This is the price of growth.

Two weep for glory.

The role of Table Lon, in the “Ice Sea War”, the play is not much, but mostly negative: five three rough culture, eat poisonous mushrooms into berserker, way down the well down the stone hostage male master and so on. He had no pursuits, no morals, nothing to show from his face. However, he also had one belief that he didn’t want to live up to. When he was wounded in a fight and recuperated behind the lines, he felt his time was near. Although he could hardly get up, he agreed to fight a duel with Asher at in order to fulfill his honor as a soldier. He ended up wearing his armor and falling by the sword.

21 episodes about 21 minutes, highly recommended, after a silent BGM… It’s so tearful!

This kind of tragic and courageous, knowing the end of the road and still going forward can also be seen in many other works: in Fate Zero, the emperor who attacks with thousands of troops and horses knowing that he is defeated, and in Bright Sword, there is only one cavalry commander left after three charges.

The end of the hero, the most emotional

Three cry, for the ideal. ?

It’s called VINLAND SAGA, and it’s not set in Vinland, and there’s no main character named Vinland, and it’s 24 episodes in, and Vinland doesn’t know where it is. So, the story of Vineland is more symbolic than practical.

Whelan, the protagonist heard from Uncle Rafi’s stories when he was a child, where the seasons are like spring, there is no oppression, no slaves, and everyone lives and works happily. Although I heard that I really went to farm in the later period, the “Whelan” in the title does not really refer to this place. It refers to such an ideal life state in the hearts of people at that time. In troubled times, people had similar visions: Avalon in Ashraf’s story, Garden of Eden in Prince’s story (Peach Blossom Land in Tao Ian’s story).

In the face of ideal, someone is waiting; Ashraf’s mother is waiting for the arrival of “King Arthur”, mad. There were escapists, devout Christians in Wales, who wanted to go to heaven after the Last Judgment. But others are determined to pursue and create. Asher at and the prince have made changes,Old Rafi is willing to burn his own life for this.

Around 14 minutes into episode 23, Rafi Sr. has a twinkle in his eye

Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished. May you return to your ideals and fight for them.

Four cry, to let go.

Finally to the protagonist Turin here, talented audience friends, he is also called “TOOL Fen”, because he is really an “emotionless revenge machine”. Dad told him to quit. He didn’t do it. Rafi used Vinland to lure him out, but he still didn’t. Asher at died before him, making revenge physically impossible, and him… Still not (so instead he attacks the prince and people, he still wants revenge, but he changes it to “the person who gets in the way of my revenge”) Finally, when he was held back, the past came back to him for the first time in 11 years.

Around 22 minutes into episode 24, when the dagger, which symbolizes the obsession with revenge, falls, his gesture changes into redemption, illustrating the change in his feelings towards Asher at. This was followed by a montage explaining the reason for the move. Excellent performance, bird muscle

Some things, easy to pick up, but hard to put down,Obsession, in the heart, we become TA’s slaves. In real life, some people are addicted to plastic surgery, some people are constantly in love, some people are used to pleasing others, some people are obsessed with details, and some people are immersed in painful memories. Don’t want to walk out, more difficult to let go.

A silence, for love

There’s a long play in the middle about a priest thinking about what love is:

Brotherhood, not love; the love between teachers and students is not love. This is just a “preference”. The pursuit of the priest is a great love, universal love. This kind of love, according to my understanding, is not often encountered in our life, but in the animation of a great deal of – Madonna (no derogatory meaning)!

The father of the main character, Tilts, impresses the priest by his willingness to die in order to save his fellow villagers. In my opinion, this is not the best example. After all, Laguna was willing to die for the prince. Easier to understand is the first episode of the animation: in order to save a dying slave, knowing that it is a pit, but also paid a large sum of money. This kind of love has been higher than the hometown, the preference between relatives, is a purer love.

This helps to understand the prince’s final, somewhat cult-like insight: Nature’s cycle of life and death is one of great love, one of selfless tolerance: even if you have been evil before, you can feed other creatures with your own blood and bones (= love offerings). This is somewhat similar to the Tibetan “sky burial” view of life and death: the greatest love is in the whole world’s functioning system. When we read science fiction, we often have a sense of loss, which is to realize the insignificance of human beings, the eternity of time.

Finally, a little bit about what I like about Ice War.

In the fast food nowadays, the audience has less and less patience to understand one thing in depth: the article is boring, no one to watch, visual and aural shock video grab the rise. And videos, due to the further loss of patience of the audience, are either getting shorter and shorter (the rise of short video platforms such as Doyen) or buried in the dense burst point. As a result, we often see the drama plot to fly, characters and ideas to change. You think it’s just because the production crew is poor? Don’t you see, even the giant this has been “acclaimed” works, a set did not hit, spray into a dog, a season did not hit (Wang Sheng), the audience go…

However, life doesn’t work that way. Rome was not built in a day, and no man grew up in a second. Hine’s Law states that for every serious accident, there are 29 minor accidents, 300 attempted ones and 1,000 potential ones. By choosing only the “highlight moment”, we will never know the real reason behind it, let alone the “sense of engagement”, the “sense of resonance”.

I hope there will be more and more such works in the future.

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