War Movie

GATE Fantasy Self Defense Force:The war of another world

Eighty or ninety percent of you would think that this is a cultural expression of the new militaristic expansion of the island nation, and it looks like it, and you think it is, but is it? Actually, I don’t know. I don’t think so.The author is probably the only person in the last two years who has presented feminism so thoroughly. Of course, it is also worthy of criticism. I will not pave the way. Different from the harem products that go on the market and strive to emphasize the spiritual hegemony of men by domesticating women through personal fantasy charm or individual color, the author has another way of expression.

Through a simple form of violence, he shows that women not only play a pivotal role in the emotional world, but also in life and adventure. In terms of force and intelligence, this kind of violent experience reflects women’s resistance and stubbornness in dealing with the injustice of the world and facing setbacks on the one hand, and the calm and plain philosophical concepts they uphold in thinking in social life on the other. Of course, ten years ago or in the 1990s, this kind of expression technique is actually outdated. But the fundamental difference between this work and the old forms is that this kind of feminism is not simple, it should be subdivided into a side – Lolita.

While some may think of the delicate aroma of black lace or the golden ponytails that float over the edge of the lens, some may be tempted to turn to the history books for old photographs of Gothic culture from the Renaissance, while others may jump to the 20th century novelist Vladimir, Because he’s the one who created Lolita, who first brought out the term. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Lolita originates from a belief caused by an ethical phenomenon, and the content is the difference between people’s social suffering and spiritual needs.

The story begins with a defenseless little girl being dragged by a group of hulking black-clad and masked men into a deep pool of despair. You can imagine that she is about to face the loss of her virginity or the brutal torture. Before that happens, you still have a chance to save her, and she keeps calling out your name: “Mr. Sugawara, please at least let me see your face, even if you are going to ignore, I hope you can come out and tell me face to face, let me die of this heart.” It’s a fucking sad story, of an old man on orders and a desperate little girl, of life and death, of last, of loss and loss. It’s like a stage play, and it would be even more touching if it had a big fan and artificial floating flowers.

However, the author was not disappointed. Facing the imminent loss of the last moment, the man stood up, ignored the dignity of the superior’s order which attached equal importance to kindness and power, gave up the virtue of yielding to the rigid and invariable system, chose the firm commitment of humanity and morality, shouted out the time commitment of love for the little girl, and prevented the tragedy from happening. The two of them embraced under the rising sun. Each out of the heart of faith and endurance, write a love poem across the ages. In this second, I have been single for twenty years in the reflection of the screen actually saw a person in the mirror corner of a tear. What a fucking shame…See, this is love.

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