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Detective Conan OVA9: Ten Years after the stranger:It’s been 10 years. Another 10 years doesn’t matter

As a student who grew into a strange aunt Conan old fan, for more than ten years I have never taken sides between the New Orchid Party or the Key Ai Party, long holding a bowl of water does not have the attitude style that the “double heroine” each has its own good, even if the rumor is sad is likely to be a tragic official match the new orchid also think it is natural to complete the story logic. However, saw the self-complementary imagination of the ninth OVA “Ten years after the stranger”, I for the first time really feel the cruelty of fate, and what is meant to be the person.

In most cases, it is not romantic at all. Just like fate, it is just a series of hard facts caused by coincidence. It is about timing, and what we meet is more like the result of random allocation by God. Just like Gordon-Levitt missed summer in 500 Days of summer and autumn, the right time is the right person, and those self-righteous coincidences are just self-suggestions.

So, for Xinyi, before drinking the APTX-4869, the destiny is definitely Xiao LAN, but after that, the wheel of fortune has been turned on, and there is no turning back. The only key to reverse the fate of Ai in the hand, that is, the development of the antidote to APTX-4869, And this, again, is a difficult thing to expect, with undeniable selfishness, but it cannot be expected to happen in a short time.

The Stranger in Ten Years is a very realistic picture, a dream, but a foreseeable future, a true reflection of the new man’s deepest fears. Murphy’s Law is all too easy to prove that dreams are dreams but nightmares often mirror reality. In the play, Xiao LAN said with a smile and tears, “I have waited for ten years; it doesn’t matter if I wait for another ten years.” It sounds very touching, but it is cruel in capital letters. How many years of life can wait? They are 16 years old when the new disappear, 26 years old after ten years, and 36 years old after ten years. Even if Conan and Xiao LAN recognize each other at this time, they will not be able to happily start their love of forgetting the New Year.

How can the 20 years of waiting and suffering be easily eliminated? It is with the new one has the same fate of sorrow in the beginning of the story is destined to intersect with the new one’s life. The parallel narration of Shinichi and Shirley in the special Chapter ONE Smaller Famous Detective makes people instantly think that everything that happens next is just for them to meet, while Xiaolan’s is only the first love that is doomed to tragedy, the sweeter the more sad.

Such a special OVA, so that Conan has read ten years of the country grew up. He read the country small, in turn into the country, high school, and step the United States, light Yan, Yuan too, gray original, also grew up; The garden had become a cougar, and Uncle Maori, though ten years older, still looked the same. And Xiao LAN is facing the new teacher’s proposal.

In the face of a lot of people for Conan after the small time seems to stop the question, Aoyama Gang hang quietly with the OVA to give their own answer. Let’s see what Conan would look like if he stepped into the real world. Ten years of growth, overnight things changed. Those who once thought that have thrilling, exciting, and warmth, moved, suddenly become as distant as memory, cruel reality, people can hardly bear to watch. Just like the end of EVA, Ikaria may be finished, but the bloody truth is enough to make people heartbroken.

Fortunately, this is just a cure for the Grey Plains to Conan’s nightmare, Conan is a small child, and everyone is still the same as before. Finally, Conan looks down, smiles and thinks: For the first time, it feels good to be Conan again.

But Conan’s dream shattered ours. We used to be Conan’s kids. Looking at the small Conan, we seem to forget the invasion of the real world, indulge in the dream of youth galloping, but never think that one day we will grow up, in the face of cruel reality, with shaky shoulders, carrying the adult world. Now we understand, originally, did not grow up is Conan, and we, but cannot escape the shackles of time and fate.

Perhaps this is just the answer Aoyama Takoma’s! When the world no longer wind flower moon, let Conan is still the kid wearing glasses, in the elusive fantasy, to satisfy our only poor innocence and dreams.

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