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Detective Conan: The detective of the far sea:Do not prevent the end for you until the seas run dry and the rocks crumble

Ever since Baker Street, it seems that every year to watch Conan theatre version has gone through a cycle: this time seems to be good oh, better than the last time to follow oh → so anxious to finally can see, kidding!!Early heard that the script is very compact Yun, turns out to be Sakurai Wowing… Did not have any bad impression before, until the last episode of phase stick 11 seasons, this you played a very bad spy terrier, let spring Airlines and “that country” unfortunately innocent, I have been completely speechless, did not think the scourge of the stick is not enough, Conan actually also play again, the country unfortunately innocent.

To put it bluntly, this is an ideological propaganda film. And not very good at it,A lot of obvious logic errors, many people have pointed out that the key is to expect the emotional line is also very failed, two emotional climax, one is the sea search and rescue Xiaolan, one is flat time for and leaf block rob, arranged too deliberately, completely reduce the IQ of a new peace.

Xiaolan’s to call the new one, the new one then know that there are dangerous people on the ship, did not remind Xiaolan’s pay attention to protect them! Just said “everything is OK I will solve”, you know this opponent is not ordinary people, is the spy of other countries ah, carry terrorist weapons, indiscriminate attack is very possible ah! The new one did not remind in time, leading to the face of the suspect Xiaolan’s without awareness, take mutely, was thrown into the sea can only say suicide ah! It doesn’t sound like Shinichi to put a loved one in danger by talking about a handsome job!

The same problem occurs in Hire’s relationship. Sakurai Wowing in order to describe stop rob such rotten vulgar bridge, actually arranged flat times with and leaf to hunt spies this very unreasonable plot! In the original work, although it is reckless, it is also a single knife, which is the initiative to take risks with the beloved!

Patriotism education can be found in every country, but I always thought that imperialism would not be so naked, and at least it should be made up more cleverly. Maybe Takeharu Sakurai was inspired by such jokes as tearing the devil by hand, so she wrote a more retarded trick and plot to counter it.

Conan has been waiting in front of the TV for a crappy six o ‘clock Mandarin edition for 13 years since first grade.

13 years of the same plot, 13 years of the same reason for killing, 13 years of revenge, 13 years of the main line, 13 years of primary school, 13 years of crying friendship, 13 years of new LAN, 13 years of peace, and I don’t know where in the middle of the fast new and new peace. I knew it was, but I waited one episode a week, one a year. What do you mean it’s not mindless fandom?

I’m used to it anyway, being such a mindless fan. Most of the time, I don’t understand why I am so obsessed with Conan, and I haven’t given myself a perfect answer for many years. Maybe I’m a mindless fan of habit, reluctant to shelve the next 13 years of habit.

The last theatrical version was watched during the summer vacation for various reasons. Seeing the rapidly declining plot quality and the rapidly rising production, the sense of anticipation and the feeling of being happy after watching the episode had already been lost. I don’t know how to soothe this feeling. Although the Internet keeps saying that the quality of 17 bullets has been improved, I still don’t have much hope. I just hope I’m not more disappointed when I’m done.

Fortunately, there was no disappointment. On the contrary, I was touched a little when I knew that Xiao LAN would not die anyway. That’s right. I’ve been missing you for a long time.

A man a man two very good performance of their little girlfriend love, a woman a woman two more appropriate expression of their shy appearance. So please don’t try to ask brainless fans why they cling to such feelings, so ordinary, so simple, and so warm.

Conan painting until now, the case has been out of the pattern, the emotional line has been lukewarm, mobile phone from flip to touch screen, props more and more nb Such a boring and lengthy play should have been abandoned, but I am the so-called brainless fans, so I want to wait until the end of the day, for the yy and childhood completely say goodbye, it is so simple.

I can’t find you anywhere in the world.

But will not stop for you to end until the seas run dry and the rocks crumble.

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