Suspenseful deduction movie

Detective Conan: The Dark Tracker:Stalker in the dark

Although I have known for a long time that mud blast animation no matter what subject matter has begun to blow out of the earth to the direction of the universe, but the facts prove that the lower limit of this thing is still too frequently refresh with The Times, um.In fact, the truth is that no matter how delicious food is eaten for one month, no matter how hard the wheat bran is seen for 12 years, it will be spurned by people. Therefore, Conan, if you grow up, it is estimated that your children can play soy sauce.

Shenyang The most painful thing in the world is not that you die, the work is not finished; but you live to wait for the end, the author is dead…

I think we’re going to have a terrible time… So Uncle Aoyama, if one day please leaves the outline before you die, then your assistants can set up an Aoyama Fuji studio to work tirelessly on your unfinished business. By the way, you can make a sustainable development path to achieve a win-win situation for the benefit of future generations.

The above is just my personal advice; the following is the theatrical version of my personal opinion.

For the first 30 minutes, I thought it was a children’s life drama. For the next 30 minutes, I thought it was a civil servant docudrama. For the next 30 minutes, I realized that it was a copycat American TV series.

So Dr. Agassi you are not Dr. Agassi, you are Dora’s; Xiao LAN you are not Xiao LAN, you are sailor Moon Orchid…… Your joint mission is to save our hero Saint Conan in the Nick of time!

Conan you must have electric motors in your legs and an anti-missile radar system that can accurately calculate the location of machine gun fire so that you can run five flights of stairs unscathed through a silky hail of bullets! On the other hand, IRISH student, you are more pathetic. Although you are tall and strong, nimble and skillful in acting and decathlon, unfortunately, as the comrades in Dongcheng often said before starting the project, you know too much… The plot needs, the organization has to sacrifice you at the tiny cost of 2 bullets to keep our comrade Ki’s undercover identity, the people will not forget you! History will not forget you! Comrade Key will continue to lurk, to preserve the fruits of your victory! The spirit of Mary is immortal!

At this moment, in this smashed, dark East Tower, we can finally understand the profound meaning of the title – night blindness is a disease, must be cured!

Comrade GIN is a good comrade, and he is ruthless and decisive, always killing traitors by simply picking up his gun and setting the house on fire to get rid of the bodies. It could be said that his long career was almost unblemished. However, seemingly perfect he actually has unspeakable stubborn disease, lack of vitamin A! Such an illness always troubled him at the most critical moments of his life. For example, a new drug might be used to kill a teenager who was spying on a transaction without being able to see if he was still breathing. For example, chasing a mysterious figure that peeks at a murder scene at close range for five minutes without realizing it’s just a child! This is like a giant foot on a banana peel, how obscene, how sigh.

So much so that we have a series of reports on the spectacular fall of the ultimate new helicopter: the fallen Apache, the collapse of a thousand mile dam, the lampshade shooting down an aircraft carrier in the sky? Miracle! Science boy Nick mechanics problem, that saved my life belt ah! My benefactor will never be forgotten… Etc., for details, please log in the three main points of anti-wood bullshit point

In addition, Mr. Hattori, although you only appeared in a flash in the pan, your position is crucial, your lines are urgent, and your role is outstanding. As the only highlight of the whole play, your one phone call and one line strongly supported me through the rest of the long and magical hour. I decided to give you the award for the most brilliant soy sauce — even though you never showed up again.

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