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Detective Conan: The Crossroads of the Labyrinth:Your eyes of justice Pierce the heart of evil, but you cannot see the heart of a woman

Compared with the previous theatrical versions, the main plot of this play is naturally interspersed with a lot of jokes: for example, the performance of Maori Ngoro in the “heaven” likes Geon and the subsequent reasoning, and for example, the mystery of the biological father of beauty Chiamussu and so on. The setting of Ayanxiao Road police Department is also a seasoning. After this “rare human friends”, the public minister not only kept the eyebrows of ancient Japanese aristocrats, but also carried a squirrel in his pocket as his best friend…

Funny, of course, is not the most important thing. The core of Conan’s story is always the wonderful boys — at the end of the film, the old abbot sees the Buddha statue and says with a smile, “Those two are really the best team, just like Yoshinkyo and Benz.” This time, instead of being the lone hero, he was to be equally divided between them. Haji’s reasoning ability and skill are not inferior to Shinichi, plus one of the main lines of the plot is his first love complex, so his performance in the emotional drama and action scenes are quite brilliant.

When Haji and Conan chase the murderer in a motorcycle, the CG scene presents a real and refreshing sense of speed, quite similar to the street chase scene in First Character D where two dimensional characters and three dimensional scenes are combined. And his skill had reached such an astonishing level that he was able to ride along the side of the plank over the abyss while the drawbridge was being cut off… Even the murderer can shoot arrows while standing on a speeding motorcycle (actually, I think it is much more convenient to shoot with one hand while riding a bike, but he is a martial arts expert after all, and probably won’t use such a mediocre technique). If Conan’s theatrical version is shot in this way for several more films, it may become an acrobatic version of James Bond series. It’s amazing how good everyone is…

Shinichi is cool when he reveals his identity, and the scene that follows when he rescues Shinichi and Kasha and outnumbers them is even cooler — the combination of soccer kid and Kendo kid, a first-rate detective and a first-rate samurai is the coolest combo (leave me alone, make me crazy)…

Interesting is, flat times on the roof and the murderer face off, take is demon knife village – as the Japanese history of the famous knife, village is not only has amazing cutting ability, or the Tokugawa family taboo of the ominous thing, but also became countless video games in the precious treasure… Of course, the village is hand, flat times cut off the opponent’s knife are not surprising – but, the demon knife village is such a national treasure antique, can also appear so casually? Let’s just say that after jeweled Easter eggs, Twin towers, and super virtual worlds, the background items in Conan’s world are constantly being upgraded…

However, when it comes to the theme of this theater version of emotion, in fact, or between young boys and girls, childhood sweetheart’s love –

Looking for the first love of flat times, let and leaf feel unprecedented doubts and unease, and never appear the new one also let Xiao an day and night worry about – girls worry about big, but quietly nibbling happy, let a person always feel what is missing in the heart. Though they were troubled to comfort each other, they would not tell them what they felt in their hearts…

And the boys

Conan tells how Xiao LAN waited for him for two hours in the moonlight. When they met, they said to him with relief, “I’m glad you’re safe.” Piggy laughs and asks him if that’s when he realized that LAN was more than a childhood sweetheart. Conan just looks out the window at LAN admiring the moon and says, “I knew she was more than a childhood sweetheart…” Meet cannot recognize the pain engraved in a new heart, when he and Xiao LAN finally meet under the moonlight, can only say “sorry” out of the anesthetic needle. Even flat times also do not let and leaf to tell Xiao a new emergence: “anyway, also cannot see, not know…” With such a desire to speak and stop the helpless, always high-spirited youth appears more mature than before.

At the same time, when he saw the cherry blossom, he felt nostalgic with a slight smile, which clearly showed how wonderful the encounter eight years ago was for him. I always believe that no matter whether Haji can find the first girl, it will not affect his feelings for Heyse – Heyse is not just a childhood sweetheart, Haji must have already confirmed in his heart. He stubbornly looked for the girl eight years ago, maybe just to confirm that the beautiful scene is real, the memory of so important person is real, just want to fill that part of the memory… And He Ye is always the girl he would risk his life to protect.

Persistent girl, deep feeling of the young, each have their own troubles hidden in the depths, but those simple attachment or firmly tied to each other. Although they quarreled and quarreled, they would definitely fight to protect each other in danger without hesitation, just like the courage He and Heidi showed in the abandoned temple, just like the new Xiao LAN in the forest, smiling in the moonlight and saying, “Your expression is the same as then.” As at the beginning, never changed, this is the real heart between the two people — the moment of singing soft, with a little happiness, cannot help but smile envy. No matter when they can recognize each other, the love song belonging to the two of them will always sing softly.

“As long as there is a fate, we can meet again” — the lost Buddha statue, the unidentified biological father, the lover we cannot see, the first love we cannot find… And more than once, they said it. Just want to look for is so important people and things, can get so few clues, so we can only quietly watch, watch the track extension search, desperately trying to get round.

Fortunately, it was finally here: The abbmaster opened the shrine to see the returned Buddha, thousand He Bell smiled at the station and folded his hands, whispering “finally meet you”, Xiao an holding the handkerchief stained with paint said “we finally meet” — we have seen what we should see, we have found what we are looking for, all the lines in the ending finally met round, all the beauty in the moonlight under the cherry blossom overlapped, they got what they wanted, We were content to smile off-screen.

The ending looks very happy in the sun. Looking at the good boys who are occupied by their childhood sweethearts, I occasionally wonder, half curious and half jealous: if Conan chose Xiao Ai at last, or if Ping’s first love was another person, would the world still be beautiful? Unfortunately, or fortunately, the story is called Conan — so something unexpected will never happen, and the simple, beautiful theme will never change until the final chapter.

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