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Detective Conan: Red off campus trip:New developments for Shinichi and Xiaolan

Hundreds of episodes after the last London confession, New Land are finally making some progress…This in itself is a tragedy caused by misunderstanding and neglect. This scenario has been used several times in Detective Conan, so the case itself is not fascinating. What really caught the eye was Shinichi’s fifth recovery and Shimla’s so-called “kiss of the century.”Autumn is the season when maple leaves turn red. And Shinichi and Xiao LAN, on the Shimizu stage surrounded by red maple trees, left a fond memory of their first kiss.

‘Kiss of the Century’

I came across an AMV of Secret of my Heart produced by a certain master on b website. That’s the study trip on the video. The scene and lyrics match just right, which makes my understanding of Inland’s love tragedy deepen.

Xiao doesn’t know what Xinyi is up against. Really, if you start from Xiao LAN’s point of view, you will find that she doesn’t know anything. Conan, Xiao Ai, Doctor, they don’t tell her anything. In her mind, Conan Edogawa was just a very clever first grader who knew everything. Kithara Ai is the same as Conan, but with a high and cold temperament. She may have seen Shinichi in Conan, but he was never Shinichi to her. Shinichi, for her, is just a way to stand her up on every date, leaving her alone and letting Conan comfort her irresponsible boyfriend. Shinichi (Conan) knows all this, of course. But for the sake of Xiao LAN’s safety, he can only choose to endure silence.

APTX-4869, that’s how far they’ve come.

The red study tour their hearts met at the moment of kiss. Of course, Ai’s medicine fell off the chain at the critical moment, resulting in the failure of the second kiss on the Shimizu stage.

We certainly don’t want Shinichi and LAN to end up kissing on the Shimizu stage like the legendary characters. So, please Xiao Ai makes a cure early, ok…

I don’t know Japanese folklore, don’t know “Tango”, even think it is very ugly, but Xiao LAN chose to declare on the Shimizu stage, it really needs courage and is very beautiful. Although it was slow enough that they had to choose another place to answer after Kudos had confessed, the long time they had spent apart, the rare time they had seen each other, was just what suited them.

In the school trip, there is a world good full attempt to snoop “antidote” secret, flat times for friends to help many times. When Kudos woke up in the morning, he found several of his classmates asleep on the floor of the room. The scene really reminded people of their classmates — they loved to play, but they were afraid of the teacher’s rounds. It was completely real school life. And the Kudos small into the hat tori backpack, the good chase with a “school uniform exposed” test success, backpack cover opened next to a mass of surprise, to such a thrilling time and added a sense of joy. But if I had to say my favorite scene, it must be the earnest expression of Kudos saying “It’s just a face that is not enough” after Xiao LAN’s kiss. Finally, the incident caused by Okuda also fits in well with Kudu’s return to the trending event, providing a reasonable solution, and the summary of the school trip at the beginning of that episode is also the most appropriate.

From this time, Xiao and Shinichi finally started a formal relationship, after how many details will be different ah. No more blushing and rushing to deny that they like each other, no more whispering secrets to Conan that they can’t tell Shinichi, no more clearly worried about each other not being able to overdo it. Their hearts finally no barrier the difference only the organization of the cloud has not been resolved.

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