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Detective Conan: Eleventh striker:A showdown on the football field

Elder sister, this is a child’s inner vicissitudes of fun, when I do not know when the theatrical version of the release in my heart constantly ha, I know I am old.I’m not paying attention, so I don’t think there’s much to reveal.It’s like LAN’s dress. I know you’re a virtuous woman, so the dress is also virtuous, but that white dress and black tank top is really cute.Sad sauce you use smart touch screen mobile phone plus gorgeous peach phone case, sister can say Conan children your mobile phone has been changed for so many years or elder sister blind see wrong

I let go of the nervous repetition of Uncle Maori and the meaningless discussion of various police officers.

Conan children’s behavior worth discussing, you fly so high, well you are OK, but you have considered the feelings of skateboarding parents, you have considered the feelings of plants on the ground, and, you are really OK, from the earthquake class to climb out of the ruins without breathing. The Japanese are earthquake-resistant ability is strong so in and out of the ruins as into no one’s territory is it.

During the interspersed countless times of hot blood players struggle to play football scene, the effect is very good and powerful, let sister recall the original sad football class.

So, I’m getting old, and I’m not on the same frequency as before. After reading a lot of novels and movies, I want to say that the once pure new Orchid has been distorted and deformed, and I don’t know where to go on the night when I scream new Kid pin. I start to hate the silly orchid sauce, and turn to the cold, intelligent and useful sad sauce, as if to see myself grow up.

I used to believe in childhood, believe that love will never change, maybe now still envy and extravagant hopes, but I want to be independent, do a calm person, can laugh at life, and protect their own.

And all the feelings, such as new LAN, once become different, once there is a distance, the remaining is just a hurry on the phone, become I do not know when will touch the scene to see the memories, more than ten years of childhood friends, now become a little emotional seasoning in the play, poor to the extreme.

It’s like… For a long time we take the past out of the sun, a little at a time, they thought they did not deteriorate; it is not right, but very sad taste.

However, sister still want to continue to tease, because the film is still saying something. Sister style is always weird, don’t pia~

And, and, prisoner kiss you know I’ve always looked up to you, but you’re the one who wrote the whole show, right?! What a Hint! What a hint!

Japan, would you please shut down the bomb industry, although reconstruction after destruction can bring GDP, but it is an illusion so wake up and develop the national economy honestly ~~

It finally comes to a climax, in an abandoned stadium (that’s sad), the juvenile detective squad (you guys again) playing house, stopping the explosion with XX seconds left, which is great (compared to the previous few minutes), and then… There is no then. Sister just wants to say, sad sauce you are still so powerful!

That’s not giving away the plot =Lets just skip to the end if… If you have no time and are not interested in Korean dramas (by you).

In fact, I am not in the black Conan, I also want to see the new LAN hand in hand ending happy, rather than have been in the play to give some little ambiguous material without new ideas (recently even less), I deeply doubt whether the writer or the writer want to change CP, can give a quick brother?

My opinion is just my opinion, I am a Conan fan, just old, don’t pie don’t throw bricks.

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