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Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet:The 24th installment of the Detective Conan movie

Last year I said it was an action movie. Last year I said it was a sci-fi drama. This year I would call it a fantasy drama.First, the relationship between characters with chaotic logicFilm appearance of the new role, in addition to the victim, only three people, engineer, purser and idol propagandist, one of the masterminds an accomplice, fool can also use elimination method to find out the murderer.Akai show a family portrait first appeared together, mother on drugs into a child, the eldest brother went to the FBI alone, the second brother will chess master has a girlfriend, sister is a high school detective and mother with in and out, obviously a family, the eldest brother do not know the mother has been killed, sister do not know the eldest brother easy to work, brother knows what but he does not say anything, so several times brother and sister fight, boxing to meat, I am thinking: Stop! We’re on our own! We’re going to the studio! Sochi, this is your sister, this is your real mother, Chun, and this is your real brother. The second brother blew very strongly, all kinds of clothes B show affection, but also as a tool to chase the car map, the last blow: who is he? He is the first in Japan, no, is the world’s first chess player, which attracted my friend’s teasing: Will chess now only Japan play, the world’s first and Japan’s first.

The other man and woman of the FBI drove made phone calls and operated the computer all the time. Under the command of the living map, they chased the murderer three times and managed to escape the murderer three times. This three-in-three-out result gave me the illusion that I could go to the FBI, and the Japanese police hid themselves from the whole time. I don’t know if 🇺🇸 loves 🇯🇵 too much or the FBI is devalued. Chrysanthemum Mulberry ah, Al riding face output, you can long dim sum bar, my territory I make decisions, national sovereignty cannot give up ah.

Conan uses two mobile phones alternately, Xiao LAN Xiao Ai extreme end water master, wandering around Akai Sochi family inch leaves do not touch the body, do not want to say more.

2. Scientific analysis of action scenes

The speed of the skateboard highway was just an appetizer. The soccer ball shot and freehand Shockwave of the previous games raised my expectations.

At the end of the movie, the Olympic stadium has not exploded, which made me very surprised. This ancestral skill cannot be lost. Fortunately, I didn’t worry about it for too long, and finally I got what I wanted. I’m going to tell you a little bit about the five-step mechanical analysis that my friend and I have put together to see how the gym is gone.

First of all, the internal control system of the maglev train is completely broken, the brakes fail, has been 1000km/h speed speeding forward (don’t ask is high-tech), the end of the Tehama, Tokyo, Conan and the murderer and victims are on board.

1. The train cannot maintain the balance of the left and right swing and rail collision friction

2. Unfurl a giant 10,000 flag to simulate a parachute using air resistance to slow down

3. Conan shoots a football the size of a car head (that’s a big one) across the front of the car to act as an air bag for shock absorption

4. By a combination of forces I don’t understand, the train finally derailed, rose in daylight, twisted into a twist and crashed into the stadium

5. The stadium finally blows up, the train lands and the dust settles.

Xiao LAN called Conan, worried, Conan wiped the blood on his forehead smiled and said it was OK, the other people in the car are safe, here my heart has been in my God, God, God, this is not dead ???? At that time in the cinema, my mind has not turned the corner, a few minutes of spinning, the stadium exploded, muddle-headed people intact, until out of the cinema I and friends carefully try to figure out the secret of science.

The most extreme scientific operation in this year’s film is the silver bullet, which is too great to be approved. In my friend’s words, it can be summed up as the precision guidance of missile level, the prediction of big mind reading level, and the weapon technology that is 100 years ahead of the world’s material science ~

Because the train at this time travels more than half, almost to the end, the murderer in the train wanted to shoot, suddenly the world turned round, the murderer was shot and fell to the ground, and may I ask who shot? Dang, the original is Akai show a gun in Nagoya, a shot is better than a thousand miles away, strategize in strategize then how did he do it? This means that the Nagoya to Tokyo road is divided into three sections, with outdoor deceleration section at the beginning and end, and vacuum section in the middle. The train can reach a speed of 1000km/h in the middle. Sochi Akai shot a bullet on the track in Nagoya. When the bullet flew to the vacuum belt, it was not affected by the force and kept a uniform speed of 1000km/h, chasing the train. Because the train was about to move out of the vacuum belt and began to slow down, it gave the bullet a chance to catch the train. Conan on this side of the speech to induce the prisoner designated position, Akai show a communication with Conan in advance, so with bizarre but superb time and space forecast opened the gun, bullets across thousands of miles, catch up with the train, shot through a fan of train doors, finally accurate hit the prisoner. Don’t ask, ask is special silver bullets, ask is FBI beef lot!

Three, about the motive behind the filial piety

Magic, this Conan no dead, probably afraid of the dead man’s fang shut influence on the Olympic Games,But the motive is so outrageous, the mastermind and the accomplices are all out for revenge, because their families have been killed and attacked by the society because of the FBI’s failure to investigate the wrongful convictions, I still have a light at the end of my eyes, dare I say so? big courage ah, see the end of the content quickly turned down, the original is not a case of injustice, the original FBI trial was correct, the original witness protection law they criticized to help them change their name, protect them for life, is really a clear lotus in the flourishing times ~ 🇯🇵 deserves to be dai filial son, 🇺🇸 good son, even if the promotion of the Olympic Games, do not forget to show loyalty.

The maglev train sped to its end, while the flags of world peace fell apart in one final operation, as if in keeping with the current situation.

On the other hand, we had a very lively discussion after we came out. By the way, we even took me, who had failed in physics, to review my knowledge of mechanics. The only drawback was that there were not enough jokes in the early stage.

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