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Detective Conan, Mr. Convict:Smart, stupid, conformist, black heart

After watching Episode 12 last night, laughing and feeling warm as usual, I realized it was over when the words “see you next time” appeared at the end.Cannot say very reluctant to give up, after all, read the cartoon before, and then see the animation is the same plot (but the soundtrack are big bonus!) “But I was still a little bit disappointed when it suddenly ended.If it’s just pure fun and funny, the fun is over, I’m ready for the next fun.I don’t need to say enough about how funny this anime is. It’s the best Conan fan defense, but the healing part of the show is another highlight that I think fits in well with the Conan joke part.

He left his hometown and came to Rice Flower, where he lived in poverty.

Being taunted by passers-by (garden), his eyes showed a fierce light, and his heart os wanted to kill, but the result was nothing.

Meet the black heart intermediary, his eyes show a fierce light, the heart os want to kill, and then the intermediary really died, he was scared all over.

His roommates teased him in private. He had a fierce look in his eyes and wanted to kill. But when he heard his roommates’ kind thoughts, he was moved to tears.

Always filling in for his colleagues, he had a fierce look in his eyes and a murderous heart, but he knew they were detectives and he got cold feet, so he could only work without complaining.

His mother came all the way to see him, and he lost his temper because his mother was rude and disgraceful, but it was he who always put his mother’s tenderness and love in his heart. And the only time in the whole film refused to take over the shift, but also to accompany her mother sightseeing.

Later in order to a cute to the explosion of Pomeranian, he was even more willing to carry a huge debt, see I want to keep a Pomeranian ah!! With it, I feel like I can forget all the shit.

The story of returning to his hometown to meet his secret crush, which did not appear in the animation, also discussed the topic of struggling in the big city or staying in the hometown, which was also very healing.

Looking at it, I suddenly felt that he was like every ordinary person in real life.

There is a lot of pressure in life and every day is hard. Don’t want to let parents worry, desperately trying to live, trying to do everything possible to heal their tired heart. Sometimes I struggle and doubt whether what I insist on is right or not. I have bad thoughts, but I still don’t do it.

Simple and ordinary, constitute our life.

Everything is difficult in the beginning, then in the middle, and in the end. Such a hard life, by the occasional sweet (Pomerasaco) to keep us going.

I think “Mr. Prisoner” can also be regarded as a little sweet in my life.

Detective Conan: The Criminal Mr. Prisoner is a manga by Takashi Aoyama and drawn by Maluku Laminate. It was serialized in the July 2017 issue of Weekly Boy Sunday S as a spin-off series of Detective Conan. The work takes Mr. Convict as the hero and adopts the “little black” image of the criminal in Detective Conan. Crime City, Malachi – Standing in this dark figure of the world’s highest level of crime…… Seems to have come to Tokyo to get closer to the target, but everything is shrouded in mystery. The character’s name is — the prisoner, Mr.

My impression: smart and stupid, follow the rules, black heart is not black.

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