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The Flying Witch:Always warm and kind, wearing the stars in their own sky seriously flying

“The Flying Witch” is an animation work created by Choir Ischemia and adapted by J.C.Seff Company. It was released on April 9, 2016, and is currently exclusively broadcast by Yoakum Tudor in China (free for members). About a Yokohama from the “new” Makoto Kanata left home to Aomori, with partners and other witches together to unfold a daily comedy.The new wave of 2016 is gaining momentum, from the street and the strange spirit in January to the Kata Teaching, Academy, Sakamoto, and literary heroes in April, many of which have been promoted to the hot topics of acg opinion. Among them, The Flying Witch may not have so many hot topics that can arouse discussion in terms of the plot, or the character setting, etc. The plot is relatively popular, and the characters are relatively clear. Interpersonal relationship is not cp to so complex; the existence of bright spots is nothing more than the setting of the devil, the devil to the countryside, and love clothes Sakura Ozawa with all not people. But it’s certainly the freshest, most tender, and slightly artsy April 2016 release.

There are many Japanese anime works set in the countryside or far away from the urban area, and some of them are familiar, such as The Emptiness of the Fate and the Blooming of Loup, etc. These anime are often more or less fresh and simple, due to the special environmental factors in the countryside and the strong sense of reality and slow heat in the material and spiritual life. As a work with the same rural theme, The Flying Witch adds a little “non-everyday” element that is the witch, but the development of the story and the communication of the characters actually revolve around Zhen in, the immature “new” witch, which is the innovation of the film.

More importantly, the film does not deviate from the construction of “everyday” because of the setting of “Witch”. The film is similar to the mode of unit drama, which connects one placeless story after another, although it may not be “friendly” for some audiences who are not accustomed to the slow pace. However, it is undeniable that those who are attracted to the film will feel a subtle warmth and joy. Coupled with the sincere painting style of the film, the stable production of the STAFF and the excellent op, it can even lead the daily production of the April quarter to some extent. Compared to some other rustic anime works, the plot may be a little weak, but it doesn’t significantly affect the viewing experience. In the face of the ritualistic decline that so much of Japan’s animation industry is now experiencing, this one at least faithfully tells us a story, though there seems to be some areas where the storytelling could be improved. If you want a breath of fresh air after you are tired, you might as well try this film “The Flying Witch”.

I like the daily routine of this healing system and the element of the devil very much, which brings a lot of surprises and interesting things to the ordinary life.

In the hot summer, holding watermelon and looking at such gentle pan, really get a lot of comfort.

Japanese gentle and lovely plus a little confused is the most favorite day diffuse girls, thousands of summer lively and lovely and positive, inclusive warm brother, had to stand sister dog cp, see no surprise of gentle enthusiasm mother, speaking a green Seen dialect cute dad, and those lovely demons.All of it was beautiful and memorable.

The first time I know the devil, is in Miyazaki Hayat “Kiki Delivery Service”, the red bow tie, wearing a black cloak, waiting for the black cat demon, riding a broom flying around the little devil has become the childhood memory of the most fantastic scene.

The seventeen-year-old witch will leave home to practice, ah, how much like the big children who left home and went to the unknown, bravely set foot on the road to find their own for the first time, is a full of hardships and exciting things. Compared with “Emergency Service”, this time more let me move, the original rain in the unknown world of the little devil, but also so happy and warm walking in the world. In the new place, with the entire warm to get to know more friends and relatives.

Like this show, I also hope that every big child going to the future, always warm and kind, under the stars in their own sky seriously fly.

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