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Insect master:In the depths of my memory, I have already ceased to exist

If you are a mystic, an aesthete, and an unfortunate idealist, then I think there is no other film in the world than the Worm Master for you.Because this is a story about the mysterious “worm” world, beyond imagination but not contrary to the logic of reality, the breath of ink fang shut painting and the harmonic ditty arranged by Jun Lang Da move your nerves all the time, the most important thing is that all the fragments are full of humanity and kindness, the lash of greed, the punishment of killing throughout, The hope for the future the repentance for the past, the ubiquitous spirit of redemption and rational restraint, all these things, make it magic and make me believe, after watching all 26 episodes over and over again, that they will have a more permanent value.

If you happen to be a maverick, then you might like Yin Guiana, the protagonist of Worm Master, who is also unconventional. If you happen to be an optimist who likes to live in groups rather than be alone, I am sure you will not at least dislike him. Because Yang is only there when you need him and that need is caused by that mythical “worm” species, the rest of the time, he is always traveling far away from you.

Imagine a traveler with white hair covering one side of his face. He trekked among mountains, rivers and lakes for years, but his clothes were always clean. He carried a simple wooden box with him, but he did not worry much about eating. He’s not superman and muscle man, but at least he’s healthy. He had no bad habits, except that he sometimes smoked a kind of cigarette that repelled insects. He didn’t say much, but that was arranged by the people who wrote the play. The best part is that he never has emotional ups and downs, no matter the terrible plague, strange death, or warm parties, touching stories; Yang is always calm and rational.

Most of the time, he was wise enough to remain a cold spectator, neither talking nor holding his hand, intervening only when the problem involved his area of expertise, the worm. There are too many joys and sorrows in the world, human entanglements, flowers bloom and fall, people gather and disperse, when the parties and trapped in the sea of suffering mire cannot extricate themselves and do not want to extricate themselves, others naturally more unqualified and incapable of intervention. Not only Mr. Yang, but also us who are not the hustle and bustle of life in a hurry? Who can use all the knowledge, know all the means to complete all the plans and finally succeed in the summit of life? There is no savior and no fairy emperor. Everyone’s ability is limited. How ridiculous it is to fight for courage or fight for windmills alone like Don Quixote. When the story is told, Mr. Yang will lean against his suitcase in a corner far away from the crowd and look at the world with a lonely but not desolate attitude. Before long, he was on a new journey.

As a lone traveler, he is lonely but not sad, not self-pity and narcissism, and even holds some sympathy for the world. This is the difference between Xingu and ordinary travelers. Yang had about three or two friends, most of whom he knew only a few times: doctors, insect masters, sculptors, hunters, artisans, and so on. It is worth mentioning that although these people and the hero do not meet often, but all of them and Yang established an unusual friendship, a mature and indifferent friendship I cannot describe. I long for that scene: after a hailstorm, the female carver sitting on the floor in the middle of the room burning the stove, Xingu sitting lazily on the railing of the door drinking tea, the doctor leaning loosely on the doorpost in his nightgown looking at the scenery, the three of them talking about each other, all so peaceful and peaceful that it would be impossible to tell that they had just saved the lives of all the children in a village. Outside the house, the sky was slowly clearing, the sunlight as distinct as mica, and the clouds drifted between the distant hills, as leisurely as the whole story. Scenes like this can be seen everywhere, and it makes people feel comfortable.

When the great traveler was tired, he often sat in silence on the banks of the river of Light, the symbol of the origin of life. This is the most moved my moment, a person, do not like not worry, do not hate the world and do not feel lonely, just simply sit in a daze. Of all the diverse characters in the movie, I can’t remember anyone other than Yang being so real

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