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Spell Spell return to Battle 0:You’re gonna die surrounded by people

The movie is a prequel film set a year before the TV anime. The protagonist, Ebony worry too, was originally just an ordinary high school student, shy and introverted, quiet and gloomy, in school is always a bully as the object. However, this day, as always in the worry is a few of the same outstanding students ling, his body a powerful unknown mysterious force suddenly erupted, the moment they beat limbs twisted, locker was seriously injured.

The original “Spell back to war 0 theater version” B bone worry too is like “Spell back to war” this transmission painting protagonist “Polygonal Hesahito”, are “super spell spirit” to possess body. And in the body of worry too “Qi Ben Lining” is he died many years ago because of a car accident of childhood sweetheart, because of love each other two people previously promised to grow up to get married, life with each other’s promise, so after the death of incense into a strong spirit attached to worry too, protect him not to be hurt by others.

Therefore, in the protagonist has a similar encounter, and “Lining” is often out of control because of the situation, “Spell Back to War 0 theater version” plot is basically with the TV animation such as a complete. The story is locked in the original ignorance of the curse of Sadness, but because of “Lining” difficult to deal with the powerful curse to entanglement, under the teacher “five Wu” appreciation and leadership into the magic of the high school, trying to become a solo “magic master” process.

Although the film length of “Jinzhou Huizhou 0 Theater Version” is only 105 minutes, it is presented in the limited space of the theater version, which not only has a fast and compact rhythm, but also does not have a sloppy narrative. Under the situation that the whole film only revolves around the protagonist, Worry Tai, which is a single event derived from “Lining”, even though there are many supporting characters in “Jinzhou Huizhou 0 Theater Version”, but the director is still able to tell the story clearly and completely, making the core focus of the film clearer and clearer.

Unlike the “curse back to war” polygon Hesahito because of grandpa’s last words and become a spell master, can only in the “save others” this make people feel confused in the general direction of trying to grope forward, “Curse back to war 0 theater version” the protagonist B bone worry too but because of the body of the curse “Qi Ben Lining” as he once promised each other a lifetime lover’s unique identity, gave the worry too a very clear, Something that drives him to keep trying to achieve, no matter what.

“Curse back to war 0 theater version” originally lovely little girl Li Xiang has become a person cautious fear of the curse, let the living worry too deeply tortured, seriously affected his daily life, so in addition to try to be on the body in addition to the curse of incense, because Li Xiang let worry too become a no one dare to close to the edge of the people, He also needs to find a partner in the school of Charms, which is full of eccentrics, and protect this hard-won friendship.

I love the way the whole movie is about the character and how he’s growing up. How did “Worry Tai” grow from an insignificant figure in such a short time to a spell caster who could live up to his “super” title and protect his companions from the villain? It is not only the secret of the unknown blood behind him, but more importantly, the “bond” between him and the people around him and the “will” of the heart to become stronger.

The theme of the plot of Spell Return to War

So in the “curse back to war 0 theater version” after the movie, too look at partners to protect him to come forward, but the result is not the enemy special cursing division Xia Outjie, have been seriously injured scene, decided to call out he has been some afraid of Lining, two people cooperate and fight, play a powerful “black lightning”, and in the end with their own life as the cost of a contract with Lining, The success pushes back the villain who caused the chaos of “Ghosts in the Night”, killing and injuring many spellers, and brings out the theme of the whole film through the power of the explosion of anxiety in the process.

Because when I was a child has failed in the intersection once, now grow up after the worry too never allow you to watch the precious people died in front of him. This motive based on the emotional connection between people makes the “Magic Back to War 0 Theater Version” from an animated film that makes the audience excited through the competition of characters’ magic skills, into a work about love and friendship, which is disconsolate and deeply moving to us.

The reversal of the ending of Spell Return to War

Perhaps this is why the final outcome of “Spell Return to War 0” will get so much praise. In fact, the root cause of all events, is not the incense of the soul pester worry too not put, but the love too saw the incense suffered a car accident, suffered a major blow to stimulate his body unknown charm force, in order to realize their promise of two people to be together forever, the injustice of the incense into a strong curse attached to their own body.

Even named “curse” Li Xiang has fangs claw terrible appearance, but this as long as worry too bullied will appear, let everyone cannot help but feel fear behind the terrible power, in fact also built in worry too and Li Xiang this childhood love from the heart of the “pure love”. Therefore, the reversal of the final plot of “Jinzhou Return to War 0 Theater Version” not only sublimates the whole film, but also soothes the protagonist Sadness’s helpless regret at that time. Through this outlet of emotional catharsis, he can obtain the redemption he has been longing for years.

Love and Curse in Spell Return to War

As the saying goes, “Love is the worst curse.” The film redefines both love and curses, reflecting the love and hate sides of a relationship through the relationship between Sadness and Lining, and extending it to five teachers and the villain Xia Outjie, former best friends who have gone their separate ways due to differences of opinion and now become enemies.

The villain Xia Yuri is like Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter, because of his conceited personality, he doesn’t accept that talented charmers have to protect powerless humans (Smuggles), and because of the large number of ordinary humans like monkeys, he is forced to hide his identity. Therefore, it is hoped to create a world controlled by Mantras, but this is obviously not acceptable to the Five Enlightenment who advocate justice.

Wu and Xia Outjie

However, even though they are divided into different camps, the audience can still feel the deep friendship between Wu and Xia Outjie in “Jinzhou Return to War 0 Theater Version”. Whether five in Shinjuku not the first time to see summer oil Jibe, guess he must have another purpose, or know that summer oil will not be on the young spell master pain under the killer, decided to turn around to use his strong strength to let the protagonist worry too wake up, are quite understand each other to make the bet.

Therefore, at the end of “Jinzhou Return to War Theater version”, Xia Outjie is defeated by sorrow, and meets five Enlightenment in the process of escape. The helpless in the cruel society and the gratitude for the company of his friends over the years are fully expressed through the last silent sentence, which can make people fully understand the regret and tragic feeling without explicit words. I believe that all bring the audience a lot of aftertaste after watching the movie.

On the whole, continuing the “Jinzhou” world view shaped by the animation, the “Jinzhou Return to War 0 Theater version” does deliver a beautiful report card with the prequel story. It not only introduces the audience to the gifted Jinzhou master, Yi GU Yutan, but also lets the audience see his life growing up together with his classmates in the Jinzhou high school. Finally also to nine teachers and summer oil this pair of friend’s emotional relationship spread out the TV animation follow-up “Haiku piece”, “jade fold piece” plot development, and perfect implementation of the work to complete the goal of the task.

Although it’s the sequel to Blade of the Ghost: After Infinity Train, another “phenomenon-level” Japanese animated film, “Magic Return to War 0 Theater Version” is less of the impact and shock that the former used a big battle to establish the status of “Pillar of flame” in the hearts of the audience. However, the “Magic Return to War Theater Version” also uses the private emotions between each character, behind the seemingly vicious curse, In addition to the powerful ability they have on the body; in fact, there is also the flesh and blood in their hearts that will be affected by things around them like ordinary people. I believe that the overall performance of “Jinzhou Return to War 0 Theater version” deserves our high recognition, and it will be shortlisted in the Japanese Film Academy Award for no reason.

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