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Blood line:Let me sleep at dusk with longing in my arms

Ugly daughter-in-law must see her in-laws wait for more than 3 months after the little black finally wish to kill the little whiteKilling White was probably the only thing the writers did right to bring the story back to the comics next timeThis popular dish is also selling well April Hegemony No.2But none of this has anything to do with original drama or writer supervisionNaito’s bad luck is that both manga can be considered masterpieces with original bad endingsBloodline is a monthly serialized story in which Naito first introduces a concept, a twist, a bundle, a crazy novel unit that must be completed in a precise number of pages.

Naito and Matsumoto this is almost the furthest distance in the world.

In the bloody battle, Matsumoto repeats the old ways he drew in Beijing’s SAO Opera: absent parents, naughty siblings, and the nailing palace.

The series that Matsumoto teamed up with constituted the ancient Home monk, who had never been responsible for the script of an animation before.

The name of the king of despair is true – the original party is desperate.

The level of storytelling of the ancient monks is far from that of Naito.

The last two episodes of the 12-episode series were entirely original. The first 10 episodes were set aside an average of five minutes each for original work. That’s almost five episodes of original work.

The trade-off is that a lot of the big scenes in the comic are not made and a lot of the little things are cut out just to make time for the original.

It’s like cutting corners on milk powder when you add urea to it.

And what the Bones did this time.

The background painting is impeccable but the action performance is too poor.

Almost avoided doing the action scenes.

Isn’t it weird that an animation that claims to have a combat theme doesn’t have a single combat scene?

For example, in the original episode, the Party was looking forward to seeing the evil gods wreaked their way through the streets of New York and the tall buildings where everything in their path was cut into elaborate geometric shapes —- The Bones wouldn’t show you this

Let the boss ruminate on the roof instead.

Even Leo struck such a handsome face that I was about to have an embarrassment attack Please! Leo’s only got five.

What did you tell him to do as a prison? Are you still there?

And as for the much-maligned big move that’s like a sailor moon that buys time.

General animation companies when they get the blood world front probably have a feeling of no place to start: there is no Sailor Moon in this comic!! ?

The male pig is a weak chicken and looks like the two male Zebu with five poisons and two female horns one is a wine worm and the other is a human wife.

Well, in order to broaden the market, let’s add Sailor Moon: a sickly and broken offering to her brother who’s been sexually assaulted by something strange.

Naito is one of us, even though he looks 80% like Leo’s sister/Leo.

Copying yourself is not copying.

This 10-minute idea with the heel of your foot sets up the whole season.

This “general animation company” is called Bones.

So all kinds of not easy but Naito story is good enough thin dead camel than horse big audience still sell accounts unfortunate luck.

At least phase two has something to look forward to.

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