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Monkey King: Hero is back:The Monkey King doesn’t die. He just sleeps.

The monkey sank to the bottom of the icy blue sea. Nothing can be done, Great Saint Abjection, stripping the name of Qi heaven, is just an ordinary monkey jumping out of a stone. And in front of the emergence of the hairy round head, black pupils, clearly call him, “Saint”.He reached through the cold water and grasped the broken doll. Even if his strength, his prestige and his magic powers were still pressed under the inescapable mountain of five fingers, it would be enough if he could be the Great Saint of heaven who hung a single young monk in Chang ‘a City.

This moment, in my opinion, was the moment when Sun Monkey really broke the seal, no matter how much it was compared to breaking the rock confinement or breaking the cold fine iron seal between his wrists. At this moment, Monkey Sun was really in high spirits from the bottom of my heart. I am the real sage, as long as you need, as long as I can.

The reason why Sun Waking has been full of charm lies in his compound “personality”. Just as the movie poster says, “Once read as a demon, once read as a Buddha”, in this uncontrollable body, there exists the murderous nature possessed by demons, the wisdom of Buddha, and the warmth of human beings. But before the uproar in Heaven, the untamed monkey was a wisp of spirit bred by the sun and the Moon Mountains and rivers in the indomitable rocks. It was full of pride and blood higher than the sky, but no one taught him to endure and obey. So he can only be such as the head of the green general is suppressed by the heaven God Buddha taboo, finally the truth comes to light to have the destruction of heaven and earth not afraid only to burn the sky make a big.

Only the long five hundred years of imprisonment in the lonely mountain may have given him the time to rest, to doubt, to think, to explore, in addition to the earth-shaking should have anything else. And the bald Xiaoping Lauer is responding to this opportunity. Perhaps, this is like father like son, is also a kind of fate.

I do not know whether it is the creator’s design, always feel that “hand” is a particularly important symbol in the whole film. It is the same hand, such as a palm to press the monkey Sun for five hundred years not to move, chaos hand is to kill people, Sun Waking five fingers and from the ear hole took out a rye golden stick, it can stretch to the sky, weighing 13,600 pounds, between rise and fall, heaven and earth change color. So many images of hands, they all represent killing and repression. Only little River Liu, timidly close his small palm to the ice, five hundred years of cold was dispersed by the warmth of a drop of blood, the return of the hero.

Deep blue into the deep sea how thoroughly cold, at that moment, that a small hand has how warm.

The stubborn monkey was finally tamed. In the sunset, he followed a goose-stepping young monk who waved his hand as he walked back to Chang ‘an. At that time, he just did not realize that the difficulties of ninety-eight and one may have started from this one of the ten lifetimes. Xuanzang is both a calamity and a salvation. These are the beginnings of fate.

Although they are like father like son, but I still think badly, in fact ah, the majestic magic of the vast Hague Mountain water curtain cave Monkey King, in fact, can also be the little prince of the red fox ah.

The sun monkey in each of us has a bold skin, a wanton malice, a gentle dependence, and a loyal follower. Just, can you meet that chatty Tang monk ah; this is an unspeakable opportunity, Amitabh good zap good zap.

I was so glad that I could see the preview screening. I made an appointment with my friend who has known me for 20 years. I don’t know I believe it’s a memory shared by my generation, as well as by my father and grandfather. It is time for the monkey doll, which is covered with dust in some corner of his heart, to come out, sun in the sun, and say hello again, saying long time no see.

From the Ming Dynasty to five hundred years ago, the monkey in the book has been sung for five hundred years, generations and generations we are moved by him. For thousands of years since the pre-Qin Dynasty, “Mountains and rivers” have influenced the whole Asian continent, but today a few people still see going-things and going-things. It’s time for our story to amaze and amaze.

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