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Young onmyoji:Evil spirits, evil spirits will be punished, do not worry

Little monster, god of hell, proud of fire is his strongest weapon, has been alone, alone, not understood, misunderstood, guilty, has been a person sad, people around him do not want to get close to him, understand him, and he does not like weak things, the baby let him from the heart of fearSince when Chang Halo this little life into his life, when he is not liked by anyone, there is a child dare to look him in the eye, although uncomfortable, see the child’s curious eyes or send his finger to the past, so the child actually laughed. The first light seems to come into the dark life. So he made up his mind to protect him, to protect him, to help him become a better onmyoji than his grandfather!

Chang Halo has been living in grandpa’s success, seems to have no self, and is grandpa’s accessories. Grandpa is a powerful Onmyoji, and no matter how hard he tries, he is just Siemen’s grandson.In spite of this, I will still try my best to change the way outsiders view me and make myself stronger. One day I will be stronger than my grandfather, and one day I will remove the name of Seeming’s grandson!

So little strange and Chinghai became the best partner, the best partner. Two people who are willing to give their lives for each other.

Spent a whole day watching the whole animation, this animation, the ending is no doubt tragic, once so good two people, once partners, trust each other’s two people, but only one person remember these beautiful. When the little monster asked another god that Chang Halo is who as a spectator I actually burst into tears, ha, the original really don’t remember, feelings can cultivate, not is is good, but why the heart is missing a thing.

“Young Onmyoji” is completely based on my inexplicable love for the creature “Onmyoji” and the inexplicable longing for the character Siemen Abe and the protagonist’s red clothes at first sight… And other reasons, relying on inertia to see the end,To be honest, there is no impressive plot and graphics, but the sound cast is good, as drama is a good choice.

The final episode was sensational.

Even if have the yellow world food (わ か な), has appeared in a sunny moment of absence is really moving.

Red Lotus saved his life and the form of this life, but he forgot to use his life to protect Changchow.

The first encounter between Lihue and the wind on the street full of pedestrians has already planted the seeds of the unusual.

At the last moment, the wind sound in the arms of Lihue flow regret and unwilling tears, over and over again called “Lihue… A surname…”

“Saiki,” The only person who gave her real name was Fengyinsu. He’s the only person in the world who knows Lihue’s real name.

“Saiki,” Calling out this man’s name for the first and last time, with my last breath,

The wind blows this one is just empty memory.

The wind dies, and the six consonants remember her until the afterlife.

Red Lotus alive annihilated the memories of Chang Halo.

Which side is luckier?

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